Sometimes, deleting Cydia tweaks from your iPhone/iPad may be irritating for you. You have to go through a long procedure to delete the tweaks which you have downloaded and no longer need. I am here with a new and amazing tweak known as “PrefDelete.”

You can directly delete Cydia tweaks through the Setting app by installing PrefDelete from Cydia. Just tap and hold on the tweak's name in the Setting app (as shown in the image below) and you'll get a popup to delete the tweak. But it will delete only those tweaks which come with preference pane (in the Settings app.)

How to Delete Cydia Tweaks without Opening Cydia

The newly developed tweak by the developer Brave Heart is very much essential for your iPhone/iPad. As it requires no configuration, you just need to download it and it will start functioning automatically. After downloading the tweak, launch the Settings app and delete unwanted tweaks by tapping and holding on Preference Pane for the tweak. It will ask for confirmation before the deletion ensuring that the tweak is not being deleted by mistake.

Delete Cydia Tweaks On Your iPhone/iPad Easily without Opening Cydia

First make sure that you have downloaded PrefDelete

  • Then go to Settings
  • Scroll down till you see the list of installed Cydia tweaks
  • Tap and hold on the tweak you want to delete
  • You will get confirmation Message
  • Tap on Uninstall

How to Delete Cydia Tweak from Setting App in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

And you can get the tweaks deleted within no time. As it is already mentioned, you can delete only those tweaks which come with Preference Pane. Therefore, it is clear that it will not delete any apps or tweaks having no Preference Pane. It is new and very useful. You can find this tweak on BigBoss repo for free.

  • Sikkboi90

    What if Cydia is crashing because of a tweak?

  • 404

    Not work for iOS8.4

  • mmm

    what if you un jailbroke your phone but cydia app is still their?

  • mmm

    what do you do if you unjailbroke ur phone but a cydia app is still their