How to Delete Clocks and Alarms on iPhone/iPad

iOS 9 unfolds many useful features. One such is swipe-to-delete clocks and alarms in stock Clock app on your iPhone and iPad. Lets see how to delete clock from world clock.

Swipe-to-delete feature in iOS 9 is appreciated by users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It gives so much comfort while you are facing the time crunch. If you want to delete something quickly, use swipe-to-delete, and your job is done.

This feature is usually found in stock apps on iPhone or iPad; though you can also use this feature in some third-party apps like WhatsApp.

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During my daily regimen of exploring iOS 9 features on my iPhone 6, I stumbled upon this thing: swipe to delete clocks and alarms in the Clock app. I thought it would be a sharable content with readers. So here I am with a newfound feature on stock Clock app.

How to Delete Clocks on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Open the Clock app on your iDevice.

Open Clock App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on the World Clock from the bottom menu.

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Tap on World Clock in iPhone Clock App

If you have already added clocks of different countries, you can see the list, where city name is displayed on the left and clock is shown on the right.

Step #3. Now swipe from right to left on any clock → A Delete option will appear on the screen in red background → Tap on the Delete.

Delete Clock on iPhone

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The clock will be deleted from the list. This feature certainly saves your time as earlier, you had to tap on Edit button to delete any clock.

How to Add Clock on iPhone in iOS 9<

You can add the clock anytime by tapping on “+” icon.

Add Clock on iPhone and iPad in iOS 9

How to Delete Alarms on iPhone Running iOS 9

Similarly, if you want to delete alarms in the Clock app, you can follow the same method. Just swipe from left to right and tap on Delete button. The alarm will be deleted from the Clock app on your iDevice.

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Delete Alarm on iPhone and iPad in iOS 9

Since this feature of swipe-to-delete was not available earlier, users had to use a Jailbreak tweak, Edit Clocks, on their iDevices to swipe & delete clocks and alarms in Clock app.

Watch out how to add or delete Clocks and Alarms in iOS 9:

Keep visiting this site; we will upload more such features & how-to on iOS 9.

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