How to Remove Bedtime Alarm from Clock App on iOS 13

The Bedtime section of the iOS 13 clock app is one of the more ill-advised design features of the new OS. It's very difficult to delete and takes up precious space. We'll show you how to remove Bedtime alarm from Clock App on your iPhone.

iOS 13 brought with it a lot of useful functions. Everyone has been excited about Dark Mode. On the OLED panels of the latest iPhone 11 Pro series, it looks spectacular. Support for better multitasking, enhanced automation, and more powerful widgets are all part of the update. But there are a few things that iOS 13 does worse than older operating systems.

One of the common complaints people have is about the Bedtime Alarm section. The section takes up a lot of screen real estate. On smaller iPhones like the 6S, this can be particularly distracting. The Alarm can take up space where you might want to see your own custom alarms. These are instead shunted downwards. It’s natural, then, that many people want a solution to delete the BedTime alarm from the Alarms section. Is it possible to do this? Let’s have a look now.

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How to Delete Bedtime Alarm in iOS 13 on iPhone

The first thing you have to ask yourself is: have you already configured a Bedtime on your iOS 13 device? If you have not configured bedtime and do not want Bedtime to show up in Alarms, do not set it up.

Once a Bedtime schedule is set up for the first time, the Bedtime alarm will permanently show up on your Clock app. It’ll be there even if you do not use it. So the easiest way to “remove” the Bedtime Alarm is to make sure it’s not there in the first place. But if you have set up a Bedtime, is there still something you can do? Note that, while you cannot remove the Bedtime section from the top of the Alarms stack, you can turn it off. We’ll show you how to do that.

Step #1. Open the Clock app, then select the Bedtime tab.

Open Clock App in iOS 13 on iPhoneStep #2. You now have two options under the Schedule subheading of this tab. These are “Bedtime” and “Wake Up“. Tap on “Bedtime“.

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Tap on Bedtime in Clock App on iOS 13Step #3. From here, you can Turn Off the switch next to Bedtime Schedule at the top-right corner.

Delete Bedtime Alarm from Clock App on iOS 13When the Bedtime Schedule has been disabled, it’ll no longer alert you at bedtime.

However, the “Bedtime” text will remain there in your Alarm heading. If you want to use custom alarms, the best approach right now is to just scroll down. Alternately, you can avoid using the stock Clock app and use a third-party option. We prepared a list of the best clock alarm clock apps right here.

These have their drawbacks, too, but they’re generally more flexible than the stock app. And, best of all, they won’t bother you by filling half your display with “Bedtime”.

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Apple’s been receiving a lot of flak for the lack of “Bedtime” customizability. Considering that it’s a very simple thing (an option to remove “Bedtime” from Alarms), we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple added this in with an iterative iOS 13 updates.

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