How to Delete Alarms on Apple Watch

Use Apple Watch voice assistant Siri to get rid of alarms set on your smart watch. It is easy to delete alarms on your Apple Watch.

Setting an alarm on your Apple Watch is a breeze; just tell Siri, “Hey Siri, wake me up at 6 am today”, and the dutiful Siri would feed that alarm in your smart watch and wake you up at the set time.

But when it comes to clear alarms you have already set in the past, it is difficult to get rid of those wake-up calls & alerts. Normally, a user turns off the alarm to save his ears from that piercing sound or the buzz that he feels on his wrist. But users forget about the alarms that they created in Alarm Clock app.

How to Delete Apple Watch Alarms

We have got two ways to delete those alarms for good. The first method takes you to a palpable experience, i.e. you need to use your fingers to delete Alarm on Apple Watch. In another method, you need to use your tongue; don’t get me wrong because you don’t need to lick your Apple Watch with your tongue. All you need to do is tell Siri to delete all alarms.

How to Delete Apple Watch Alarms

Step #1. Press the digital crown.

Step #2. Tap on Alarm Clock from the scrummage of apps.

Tap on Alarm Clock Icon in Apple Watch

You can see a list of alarms you have created earlier.

Step #3. Tap on the alarm you want to clear off.

Tap on Alarm You Want to Delete from Apple Watch

You will land on Edit screen, where you can find Delete button at the bottom of your watch screen.

Step #4. Tap on Delete button and the alarm will be cleared.

Delete Alarm from Apple Watch

Follow the same steps to clear other alarms set by you in your Apple Watch.

How to Delete Apple Watch Alarms using Siri

If you want to delete all your alarms at one go, Siri can help you.

Step #1. Press and hold digital crown of your Apple Watch for a few seconds.


Step #1. Say “Hey Siri” while your watch is awake.

Perform Hey Siri Command on Apple Watch

Step #2. Once Siri is activated, ask the assistant: Clear all alarms.

Clear Off All Alarms Siri Command on Apple Watch

A confirmation screen will appear on your Apple Watch and ask you if you surely want to delete all alarms.

Step #3. Say “Confirm”.

Delete Apple Watch Alarms Using Siri

All the alarms set on your Apple Watch will be deleted quickly.

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