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One word: no. At least, that's how it looks like unless you reach Apple's support executives. You can remove Apple ID from your device and disassociate it, you can de-authorize a computer so that it no longer has an Apple ID associated with it but talk about permanently deleting your ID and dead-ends turn up everywhere.

While there's no straight-forward way to delete your Apple ID permanently, here are some things you can (and should) do to erase most traces of your old Apple ID from all your devices and computers.

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How to Permanently Delete Apple ID Account

How to Delete Apple ID from iPhone/iPad

Deleting your Apple ID from all your iOS devices is the easiest thing you can do. A lot of apps/services are linked to the Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad so take your time and sign-out of your ID on all these apps. Here's a list:

  • iCloud
  • iTunes & App Store
  • Game Center
  • Mail, Contacts, Calendar (if you use iCloud email)
  • iMessage (turn off)
  • FaceTime

Here's a quick how-to on deleting Apple ID from your iDevice.

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Delete Apple ID from your Computer

Your Apple ID is associated, most likely, with all the iOS devices you signed in with this Apple ID. And, with iTunes and the computer. It's generally safe to remove these associations. More like a clean slate. Here's how to do that:

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
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  • Open iTunes on your PC
  • Click on Store ? View my Apple ID

View Apple ID on Computer

  • If you don't see View my Apple ID, click on Sign in. Enter your username/password if prompted for.
  • Under Account Information, click on Deauthorize All to remove all computer authorizations associated with the Apple ID. In the pop-up, click on Deauthorize All Computers.

Deauthorize Computer on iTunes

  • Under iTunes in the Cloud, click on Manage Devices and Remove each of the device that's listed.

Delete Apple ID Account Completely

Bonus tip

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This used to work before but I'm not sure about the policies now. If you could Chat with a customer representative from Apple (through the Expresslane) you might be able to get them to delete your Apple ID, provided:

  • You authenticate yourself quickly, correctly.
  • You are able to persuade the representative to delete your account.
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  • Sohaib Pakistanii

    i want to remove previous apple ids from icloud on my ioS… whenever i login to icloud from my phone, ios shows notification that maximum number of apple ids have been activated on your phone. help me

    • You can create only three iCloud accounts on any iOS device. It has nothing to do with user account. It is tied to your device hardware. There is no way around to get rid of this problem.

      However, you can create new iCloud account on your another iOS device or Mac, then you can use this account on your iOS device.

      • Sohaib Pakistanii

        Please help me with it.. Is there any other possibility to use 4th apple id on ios?? Even if i have to pay for it