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Voicemails on your iPhone actually reside on the server (of your carrier) and are pushed to your device. You can delete them by swiping on the voicemail and tapping on delete. But this only puts them inside a “Deleted Voicemail” list.

While “Clear All” used to work without a trouble till iOS 6, with the recent iOS 7 upgrade, some users are pointing to issues like a grayed out “Clear All” which doesn't let you delete all voicemail messages at once. That's kind of buggy and a pain (just like a grayed out Wifi). Here's how to fix:

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How to Fix the Clear All Voicemail Issue in iOS 7

The most common problem we hear about is the grayed out “Clear All”.

How to Delete All Voicemail Messages in iOS 7

  • Open the Phone app
  • Tap on Voicemail from the menu
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Deleted” to access all deleted voicemails
  • There's a “Clear All” option on top-right. Tap that to delete all voicemail messages.
  • The only problem is, the “Clear All” button is disabled/grayed out. You can't tap that.

Can't Delete All Voicemail in iOS 7? Here's How to Fix

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#1.  One of the first reasons that we encountered is a large number of deleted voicemails. If your list is huge, scroll down till the bottom of the list and wait for a few seconds (or a minute). In some cases, scrolling down and waiting for a minute or two enables the “Clear All” and you can tap that to delete the messages.

#2.  If that doesn't work, try this: within the Deleted Voicemail list, when “Clear All” is grayed out, tap on a single Voicemail. The voicemail plays. Tap on it again to stop playing the voicemail. Does the “Clear All” button get enabled now? If yes, tap it and delete all voicemails from your iPhone.

#3. In some cases, where the list is huge, “Clear All” stays grayed out or only clears a few messages at once. This is an issue with memory and processing because the list of deleted voicemails is huge (running into thousands). In these cases, it would be best to reset/restore your iPhone with selective data backup (photos, apps and contacts).

#4. You can also try this: Go to Settings → General → Reset Network Settings. Wait for the iPhone to reset/respring and then try steps #1 or #2 to clear/delete all voicemail from your iPhone.

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Got any other tip that works to fix the “Clear All” issue in Voicemail? Don't forget to share it in the comments below!

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  • ashley

    I am trying to delete voicemails from my phone- I am able to delete them, but then they pop back up 1 second later as if they haven’t been deleted..is there a way to fix this?

  • James

    Turning off cell data worked for me as well. Thanks everyone!

  • Amanda Brill

    Updating the IOS will also work with the “Greyed” Clear All button.

  • Kylie

    Any time you break the connection with the carrier ie turning phone off and back on again, putting it into airplane mode, turnin off cellular data willhelp reastablish a connection to make the voicemail work.

  • Amanda Louise.

    Turning off the cellular data worked for me, too.

  • Jerry

    “Turning off cellular data then going back in and the clear all wasn’t greyed out” worked for me too!! THANKS!!

  • B

    Turning off cellular data then going back in and the clear all wasn’t greyed out. Thanks guys!

  • Nana

    Settings >turned off Cellular Data > Deleted Voicemails > Clear All

  • Frankl

    On my 4s, I turned off WiFi (I was at home) and the “Clear All” lit up. I pressed that and they all went away. Then I turned WiFi back on.

  • AOTA-Puppies

    There is an update download that fixes this now….. I just did! happy happy

  • Darryl E. Chestnut

    I put my iphone 5s in safe mode and deleted the voicemail!
    Hope it works for you…

  • Eric Overlie

    Step #4 worked for me. Thanks. Now, can you tell me how to get my 4s’ phone app to open within 5 seconds. Man, ios7 pretty much makes the 4s useless. Slow as molasses.

  • Bob Herold

    Put in airplane mode, clear all, then disable airplane mode

  • Jessica R.

    Thank you! I finally got this working after step# 4!

  • Nikki Abskharon

    Thanks option 2 worked for me after a couple tries!

  • Joe H

    This tells you how to remove deleted voicemails from your phone. Not how to mass delete voicemails. There’s a huge difference between the two. As it currently stands, I’m tapping twice on each voicemail to delete them from my voicemail list. There’s 100s of voicemails from the previous owner on this phone I need to delete…how intuitive of Apple to not allow you to check a box next to voicemails and then choose “delete marked” (like every other cell phone that has ever been produced).

    • Agreed. That’s a pain. (That’s why we didnt write Delete All Voicemails Simultaneously).

  • Doug Snyder

    Sorry what I said is not quite right, to get to deleted messages tap on the voicemail tab then scroll to the very bottom to find deleted messages ( without pressing edit ). That screen is where the clear all button can be accessed, and the rest of these instructions work from there.

    • Thanks Doug. We’ve edited the post to reflect the change.

  • Doug Snyder

    The steps are simply inacccurate. There is no ‘deleted’ button when you click on the voicemail tab. When I click on the the link you’ve provided for ‘the menu’ to see if there’s a misunderstanding I redirected through advertizing pages and then redirected to a broken link. Deleted messages are accessed by tapping on the voicemail tab, tapping ‘EDIT’, and then scrolling all the way down to ‘Deleted Messages’.
    I’m on iOS 7.0.3