How to Delete All Apple Pay Credit Cards Remotely via iCloud


Removing a credit card from Apple Pay (on your iPhone/iPad) is easy, as we’ve seen before. There is another method too which involves deleting Apple Pay credit cards remotely via This post is about how you can delete Apple Pay credit cards remotely (all of them) at once.

Being able to remove credit cards from Apple Pay – remotely – is important. The possibility of your credit card information leaking out is almost zero even if someone gains access to your iPhone/iPad, a remote wipe to delete cards from Apple Pay is handy when you are resetting your device or just need to remove the cards. Here’s how to go about it.

How to Remotely Delete All Apple Pay Credit Cards

How to Delete Apple Pay Credit Cards At Once, Remotely via iCloud

Step #1. Open from your PC/Mac and login

Step #2. Click on the Settings icon

Step #3. Under My Services, you should see a list of devices

Step #4. Whatever device has Apple Pay setup, you should see an Apple Pay icon under it. Click on this device.

Step #5. Click on *Remove All.. under the credit card list.

Step #6. Confirm the removal and you’re done.

Apple Pay is designed to be extremely secure not just during a payment but also when you lose an iPhone. Payments can be authorized only through TouchID so there’s almost no chance that someone might get access to your credit card info or use it for payments.

However, deleting/removing credit cards in Apple Pay (on an iPhone/iPad) is one of the first things you should be doing just in case the unexpected happens.

This feature is also useful when you just want to reset Apple Pay or just remove all cards at once. You can’t delete all cards at once in Apple Pay / Passbook via your iPhone. You’ll need to follow the method mentioned above.