How to Deauthorize Your Mac from All Apple Services

Before migrating your old Mac's data to new one, you need to completely deauthorize your Mac from all Apple services. Check out how to get done quickly.

Having been charmed by the new MacBook Pro and the charismatic Touch Bar, a number of my friends are getting to ready to sell out their old Macs. Are you also set to buy the 2016 MacBook Pro and ditch the old Mac?

If you are planning to switch to the new MacBook Pro, you will need to first completely de-authorise it from all Apple services; before migrating the old Mac’s data to the new Mac. Here is how you can get it done with ease.

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How to Deauthorise Mac from Apple Services

How to Deauthorize Your Mac from All Apple Services

Step #1. Open iTunes on your Mac and head over to the Account menu.

Step #2. Click on Authorizations.

Step #3. Click on De-authorise This Computer and confirm.

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Click on De-authorise This Computer in iTunes on MacDe-authorise Mac for iTunes on Mac

How to Sign out of Apple services on Mac

Step #1. Click on Apple menu.

Step #2. Next, click on System Preferences.

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Click on System Preferences in macOS Sierra

Step #3. Click on iCloud.

Click on iCloud in Mac System Preferences

Step #4. Finally, you need to uncheck all the cloud options.

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Uncheck All iCloud Options on Mac

Sign Out of Messages on your Mac

Step #1. Launch Messages app on your Mac.

Step #2. Next, click on Messages menu.

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Step #3. Now, you have to click on Preferences.

Click on Preferences in Messages App in macOS Sierra

Step #4. Click on AccountsSign Out.

Sign out from Messages on Mac

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Remove the Mac as a Trusted Device

If you use Two-Factor Authentication, you will need to remove it as trusted device.

Step #1. First off, you have to go to

Step #2. Next, you have to enter your Apple ID and passwords to login.

Step #3. scroll down and click on Mac you no longer want to use.

Click on Your Mac in AppleID Website

Step #4. Answer your security questions.

Answer Your Security Questions and Click on Continue in AppleID Website

Step #5. Click on Remove Mac.

Click on Remove Mac in AppleID Website

How to De-Authorize Third-Party Apps that Require your Old Mac

If you use some third-party apps which restrict the number of Macs you can use them, you will need to de-authorize them. To do so, you have to follow developer’s instructions to deauthorise your Mac.

That’s it! The Touch Bar can do a lot of amazing things. Check out this post to discover all the tricks it has in store for you.

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