How to Customize iOS 7 Notification Center to Optimize It for Productivity

iOS 7 changes a lot of things and one important thing that changed with the redesign is the whole of Notification Center. It’s not a cosmetic redesign only; you now have three tabs: “Today”, “All”, “Missed” that aim to make notification management even better.

But for some folks, core simplification is the key to managing notifications better. If you’re one of these folks, you can configure the Notification Center settings to get back the old look and feel.

Getting Rid Of The Summaries

iOS 7 offers a summary of upcoming events like the one shown below.

Customize iOS 7 Notification Center

This is to help you have an overview of what’s up next. But if you do not want these summaries to show up, you have to turn off two switches in Notification Center. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Notification Center
  • Under TODAY VIEW, turn off Today Summary and Tomorrow Summary

Customizing iOS 7 Notification Center

This will turn off the summaries on notification center. You can still view Calendar events listed on the NC.

Turning Off The Calendar Day View

If you prefer the old-style notification center where Calendar events showed up just like other notifications, you can enable this feature by turning off Calendar Day View in NC settings.

Go to Settings → Notification Center → Turn off Calendar Day View under TODAY VIEW.

One thing that hasn’t changed and is quite helpful is sorting notifications manually (or by time). Manual sort can be configured by tapping on the Edit button on top-right.

You’ll notice that you can actually have Reminders above the Calendar Day View. You can also change the sorting of other apps that are included in the Notification Center.

All said and done, the three tabs are going to remain in the Notification Center. Obviously, Apple wants to make sure you have a clear idea of what notifications need your attention and it wants you to be as productive as possible.