Ever since iOS 7 came out with its flashy new Control Center, there was one question: can we customize the toggles? The Control Center appears to be a direct lift from tweaks like SBSettings and NCSettings. So it was only natural to expect some sort of a customization.

But Apple, you know, limits things. So, no, you can’t customize the toggles in Control Center. Until now, that is. With tweaks like Ryan Petrich’s FlipControlCenter, you can actually customize the toggles very easily.

At the moment of writing this, FlipControlCenter is in beta and can be download/install from Ryan’s private repo. And the tweak is the best one so far in terms of function.

How to Customize iOS 7 Control Center Toggles Using FlipControlCenter Cydia Tweak

Here’s how to get it and use it.

Installing FlipControlCenter

If you haven’t added Ryan’s private repo yet, let’s do that first:

  • Open Cydia
  • Tap on ManageSources
  • Tap on “Edit” from the top
  • Now, tap on “Add
  • Enter this URL: rpetri.ch/repo/
  • Tap on Add Source
  • Let Cydia reboot and refresh the packages.

Now, let’s install the tweak.

  • Open Cydia → Search
  • Type “FlipControlCenter” (Alternatively, you can go to Cydia → Manage → Sources → open Ryan Petrich’s repo and tap on FlipControlCenter)
  • Install the tweak and respring.

Installing FlipControlCenter on iOS 7

Once installed, you can control the tweak from the Settings app. If you don’t find the tweak settings, make sure you re-install PreferenceLoader (or reinstall Mobile Substrate and Substrate Safe Mode simultaneously) and try again.

Features of FlipControlCenter Cydia Tweak

The tweak brings three important features/additions to the Control Center toggles:

  1. You can swipe on the toggles to see more toggles.
  2. You can select how many toggles are visible in one batch (1, 2, 3 etc.)
  3. You can also select the order.

FlipControlCenter Cydia Tweak Features

Although we haven’t tried it, there’s also another tweak called CCToggles (along with CCSettings) which enables a similar functionality. However, Ryan’s tweak is better as it incorporates everything into a single tweak as opposed to CCToggles which comes with an add-on tweak to enable more toggles.

Also check out CCControls Tweak – which has more customization options than FlipControlCenter with themes etc.

  • Paul Littlewood

    Perfect, nice app. But for things like this, jailbreak wouldn’t be necessary anymore. I can’t think why apple wouldn’t have incorporated some kind of customisation like this, control centre is half baked without it.

  • Shobhit Tiwari

    evertime i install this tweak my phone goes in SAFEMODE …!! Could anyone help me to resolve this problem??

    • Have you installed any other CC tweak that could be conflicting with
      FlipCC… also, try refreshing Cydia and upgrading any other tweak that
      you have installed.

      • Shobhit Tiwari

        CC loader takes my phone in Safemode, i did everything but couldn’t work for me, even i uninstalled the flipswitch but that too didn’t work … :/