How to Customize “Hey Siri” on HomePod

You would like to ideally customize Siri on HomePod to ensure it's in sync with your specific demand. Whether it's changing the language, switching between male and female voice or even turning off sound and light while using Siri, you have multiple options to personalize the virtual assistant.

Siri works seamlessly on HomePod! The intelligent personal assistant is always up and ready to answer your queries or help you carry out several tasks like sending messages, adding notes, checking flight status and more. Besides, you can customize “Hey Siri” on your HomePod to ideally fine-tune it based on your need.

For instance, you can choose to change Siri language and even switch between male and female voice. And yes, there is also an option to disable the sound and light while using the personal assistant. Ready to personalize the virtual assistant on your smart speaker? Here you go!!

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How to Customize Siri on HomePod

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Change Siri Language or Accent on HomePod

Changing Siri language is pretty simple, and you can get it done right from the Home app on your iOS device.

Step #1. Open the Home app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, tap on Rooms tab.

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Step #3. Next, go to the room which contains the speaker.

Step #4. Next up, firmly press on the HomePod icon.

Step #5. Up next, tap on Details.

Step #6. Finally, you need to tap on Language in the Siri selection and then select the language you wish to use.

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Turn Off/On The Light and Sound When Using Siri on HomePod

The waveform animation lets you know that the personal assistant is listening to you and getting ready to answer your queries. The sound tone works as an audio indicator that confirms that the virtual assistant has heard you. You can choose to disable them.

Step #1. Open the Home app on your iOS device → tap on Rooms tab → go to the room which contains the speaker → firmly press on the HomePod icon → tap on Details.

Step #2. Now, turn Off/On the switches for Sound and Light.

Switch Between Male and Female Siri Voice on HomePod

Don’t like female Siri voice? Not a problem, you have the option to switch between male and female sound.

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Step #1. Open Settings app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Tap on Siri & Search and select Siri Voice.

Step #3. Next, you need to choose Male or Female to download the voice data.

Now, you have to set it up on HomePod. Open the Home app on your iOS device → tap on Rooms tab → go to the room which contains the speaker → firmly press on the HomePod icon → tap on Details.

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Step #4. Next up, tap on Siri Voice and select Male or Female.

Disable Siri on HomePod

There are three simple ways to turn off Siri on HomePod. Jump over to this post to get it done.

Video: How to Use Siri to Play Music on HomePod

And that’s all there is to it!

Over to You

Though everyone has praised the sound of HomePod, very few have appreciated Siri. I also believe that Apple’s virtual assistant has some catch-up work to do before it could be at par with Alexa and Google Assistant. Which is your favorite virtual assistant and why?

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