How to Customize Double Tap Gesture on Apple Pencil 2

There are many ways “Apple Pencil 2” is better than its predecessor. One of the new add-ons that I’ve found really appreciable in the new stylus is the tap gesture, which makes switching between tools super easy.

Times when I’m drawing something or creating a note, the double-tap shortcut makes my task more convenient. Moreover, iOS also offers an option to customize the double tap gesture on the second generation Apple Pencil. As a result, I can fine-tune the stylus so that it’s in line with my workflow. Let me help you how it’s done the quick way!

How to Change Apple Pencil 2 Double Tap Gesture on iPad Pro

Sticky note: Keep in mind; the stylus supports only 2018 11″ iPad Pro and 12.9″ iPad Pro. So, you will be able to customize Apple Pencil only on these devices.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPad Pro 2018.

Launch Settings app on iPad Pro 2018
Step #2. Now, tap on Apple Pencil.

Tap on Apple Pencil in iPad Pro Settings

Step #3. Next, you have multiple options:

Switch Between Current Tool and Eraser: It allows you to switch between the tool you are currently using and the eraser.

Switch Between Current Tool and Eraser with Apple Pencil 2

Switch Between Current Tool and Last Used: Lets you quickly access the last used tool and jump over to the one you are currently using.

Switch Between Current Tool and Last Used with Apple Pencil 2

Show Color Palette: To let you quickly access the color palette.

Select Show Color Palette to access the color palette with Apple Pencil 2

Off: To disable the tap gesture.

Select Off to disable the Apple Pencil 2 Tap Gesture

You can select any of the above options based on your need. That’s it!

Wrapping up…

That’s how you can fine-tune Apple Pencil settings so that it’s always in sync with your workflow. Let me know your thoughts about the sort of improvements you want to see in the next-gen stylus.

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