How to Customize Dock on Your iPad Running iOS 11

Wish to fine tune Dock to suit your needs better? Here is a simple walkthrough to let you easily add, remove and rearrange app icons in the Dock on your iPad powered by iOS 11.

iOS 11 has instilled the much-needed life into iPad. Highly functional features like Dock—which is very much in line with macOS Dock—seem to have stolen the sheen away from more powerful MacBook Pro. The Dock makes app switching incredibly easy and allows you to carry out multitasking with pure fun. Even better, you have the option to fully customize the Dock on your iPad in iOS 11 to suit your needs more gracefully.

You can add your favorite apps to the Dock and remove the ones that you no longer want to keep in it. If you don’t want it to show most recent used app icons, there is an option to make it show only the ones you have added to it. That’s not all; you can also rearrange app icons as desired.

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How to Customize iPad Dock in iOS 11

How to Customize Dock in iOS 11 on iPad

How to Add or Remove App Icons from Dock in iOS 11 on iPad

Adding an app icon to the dock is pretty straightforward. Simply drag the app icon and drop it on the Dock. (If any app is in the folder, you need to first get it out of it to add it to the dock.)

Add App Icons to Dock in iOS 11 on iPad

To remove any app icon, just press and hold the app icon you want to remove. Then, drag it out of the dock to the Home screen.

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Remove App Icons from Dock in iOS 11 on iPad

How to Rearrange App Icons in Dock on iPad

To rearrange apps in Dock, just touch and hold any app and then drag it to the desired location. This is as upfront as it can ever get.

Rearrange App Icons in Dock on iPad in iOS 11

How to Prevent Recently Used Apps from Showing Up in Dock

By default, the Dock displays the most recently used apps to let you quickly access the ones that you use more often. But you can make the Dock show only the apps which you have added to it. Head over to this quick guide to get it done.

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Your Take!

As an iPad user, I find iOS 11 a grand leap that’s going to bring about a significant change in the way we use the tablet. It has rightly become an able (if not full-fledged) replacement to the computer. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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