How to Customize Apple Maps Navigation Alerts in watchOS 5 on Apple Watch

Unlike before, you can get Apple Maps alerts depending on the type of your navigation on your Apple Watch in watchOS 5. It's a better way to avoid the unwanted navigation alerts. Let me demonstrate how it works.

watchOS 5 has got some well thought out improvements. And, one of them is the ability to ideally customize Apple Maps navigation alerts on Apple Watch running watchOS 5.

So, depending on the type of navigation, you can configure the settings to get only the needed alerts. And keep away the ones that are of no use! For instance, if you are walking, you can configure the watchOS to get notifications only for it.

How to Customize Apple Maps Navigation Alerts on Apple Watch Running watchOS 5

Step #1. Launch Apple Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Step #2. Now, ensure that My Watch tab is selected. Then, you need to scroll down and select Maps.

Tap on My Watch then Maps in Apple Watch App on iPhoneStep #3. Next, turn ON/OF the notifications for:

  • Driving
  • Driving with CarPlay
  • Walking

By default, all of them are enabled. So, disable the one you don’t want to get alerts for.

Customize Apple Maps Navigation Alerts in watchOS 5

Note: Check out the option to SHOW NAVIGATION for Transit. When it’s enabled and you are using step directions, you will be able to view Maps on your smartwatch.

That’s done!

Over to you

watchOS 5 seems to be on point. It’s faster and more efficient. And the features like 7-day competition challenge, automatic workout detection, Walkie-Talkie make it pretty good. Let me know your thoughts about the latest watchOS version.

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