How to Create Siri Shortcuts Using Workflow in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad

Can't help trying out the Shortcuts app? You can fill up the void to some extent by making Siri shortcuts with Workflow app in iOS 12. Read on to find out how it's done and toss your thoughts about this neat feature!

The integration of “Shortcuts” is going to prove a well-timed shot in the arm for Siri. Though the much-awaited “Shortcuts” app is yet to go live, you can create Siri shortcuts with Workflow app on your iOS 12 device. It can help you take a peek at how the custom phrase can work in letting you carry out frequently used tasks in a flash.

For instance, if you like keeping track of Apple’s stock price, you can make a phrase like “show the price.” And then you will be able to get the real-time stock price by just saying “show the price” to Siri. Follow along to get started!

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Update: With the official iOS 12 release, Apple has integrated Workflow app in the Shortcuts app. We’ve made a complete guide about how to get the most out the Shortcuts app. So, head over there to get started with this remarkably productive app.

How to Create Siri Shortcut using Workflow App on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch the Workflow app on your iOS device.

Launch Workflow app on iPhone

Step #2. Now, you need to either create a new workflow or open the already existing one.

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Create a new workflow on iPhone

I’m going to start from the scratch. Choose the type of workflow you want to build and then drag actions from the left. To finish, tap on Done at the top right.

Choose the type of workflow you want to build

To give a name to your action, tap on the Settings iconenter the name and tap on Done.

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Give a name to your Workflow action

Step #3. Next, open Settings app on your device and select Siri & Search option.

Tap on Siri & Search in iOS 12 Settings

Step #4. Check out the workflow you have just made under Shortcuts section. Tap the + button next to the workflow.

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Tap on Plus button next to workflow

Step #5. Next up, tap on red button to record your phrase.

Tap on red button to record your phrase for Siri Shortcut

Tip: Once you have recorded it, you can tap on Edit to check the alternative phrase options. It can be very handy especially when Siri hasn’t been able to catch you perfectly. In case you are not satisfied with the result, you have the option to re-record it.

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Step #7. Tap on Done.

Tap on Done to Confirm Siri Shortcut

How to Use Siri Shortcut in iOS 12

Once you have made a shortcut, you can simply invoke Siri and say the created phrase. The personal assistant will take you directly to your workflow.

Use Siri Shortcut in iOS 12

How to Edit a Siri Shortcut

If you ever want to make some changes to your shortcut, you can do so with ease.

Step #1. Open Settings on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, tap on Siri & Search and select My Shortcuts.

Select My Shortcuts in iOS 12 Siri & Search Settings
Step #3. Next, choose the Shortcut you would like to edit.

Choose Siri Shortcut you would like to edit

Step #4. Tap on Edit and then record your phrase for the Shortcut.

Tap on Edit and then record your phrase for Siri Shortcut

Step #5. In the end, tap on Done to confirm.

Tap on Done to confirm Siri Shortcut

Don’t want to use any shortcut? You can get rid of it with ease. Keep reading…

How to Delete a Siri Shortcut in Workflow

Step #1. Launch Settings on your iOS device ⟶ Siri & Search ⟶ My Shortcuts.

Select My Shortcuts in iOS 12 Siri & Search Settings

Step #2. Tap on Edit and then tap on red button next to the shortcut you want to delete. Then, tap on Delete.

Delete a Siri Shortcut in Workflow

Alternately, you can tap on Shortcut you wish to delete and then tap on Delete Shortcut. You need to tap on Delete in the popup to confirm. In the end, tap on Done.

That’s done!

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Now that you have learned the ways to create quick ways to get your work done, make the most of them. I’m sure they can enormously boost your productivity.

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