How to Create Shared Photo Streams in iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad


Shared photo streams let you share your photos with a specific set of people right from your iPhone/iPad. When you click photos on your iPhone and add them to the shared photo stream, you can instantly let other people see these photos. It’s a filtered version of social photo sharing sans all the noise.

In iOS 8, shared photo streams work just like how it used to in iOS 7. If you are new to iOS (or to photo streams in general), here’s a brief tutorial that will help you create shared photo streams on your iPhone/iPad. Creating shared photo streams is pretty easy.

Manage Shared Photo Stream on iPhone or iPadFirst of all, make sure you have enabled iCloud Photo Sharing on your iPhone or iPad:

Step #1. Launch Settings.

Step #2. Scroll down and tap on iCloud.

Step #3. Tap on Photos.

Step #4. Make sure you have enabled iCloud Photo Sharing.

Enable iCloud Photo Sharing in iPhone or iPad

How to create shared photo streams in iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Open the Photos app.

Step #2. Tap on Shared from the bottom menu.

Create Shared Photo Stream on iPhone or iPad

Step #3. Tap on the large + icon (New Shared Album.)

Create New Shared Album on iPhone and iPad

Step #4. Give your new photo stream a name.

Step #5. Tap on Next.

Name iCloud Photo Stream

Step #6. You can now add people from your contacts to your photostream.

Step #7. Then tap on Create.

Your shared photo stream is now ready. You can add photos to this stream; the people you added to the photo stream can view these photos.

How to add photos to this new Shared Photo Stream

Step #1. Go to just created shared photo stream.

Step #2. Just tap on the + icon within the photo stream, and you should be able to select pictures from your ‘Recent’ album (or Camera Roll). Once selected and uploaded, these photos will show up in the photo stream of all the users you’ve invited/added.

How to Remove People from Shared Photo Stream

Step #1. Open photo stream that you created.

Step #2. Tap on People from the bottom of the screen.People in Shared Photo Stream

Step #3. Tap on person name that you want to remove.

Step #4. Scroll down and tap on Remove Subscriber and you are done!

Remove Subscriber from Shared Photo Stream

Along with that you can also enable or disable Notifications. You can also allow or disallow subscribers to add photos and videos to the stream. You can also delete created photo stream by tapping on Delete Shared Album.

With Family Sharing in iOS 8, whenever you add members to the family, your iOS device will also set up photo sharing for you. This means there will be an album specifically shared among family members automatically. This makes it one less step to start sharing photos between family members.

That’s all for now!

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