How to Create a Note on your iPhone/iPad Using Siri

Make the most of Siri by taking notes on your iPhone and iPad. Once you create notes, you can find, see, update and add anything to the existing notes.

Siri is an amazing voice assistant for multiple functions you want to perform on your iPhone or iPad. Basically, this intelligent assistant makes you lethargic as you don’t need to press thumb or fingers on the screen to type in anything. But people loved to be pampered and coaxed like kids.

So here comes another great usage of Siri. By using this beautiful voice assistant, you can take note on your iPhone & iPad. Now you can note down all your random thoughts, memos, and other snippets of text. Just dictate notes to Siri on your iDevices.

How to Create and Edit Notes on iPhone Using Siri

You can perform three different tasks on Notes with the help of Siri: first, dictate notes; second, find and see notes; third, update and add something to notes.

How to Dictate a Note on your iPhone/iPad with Siri

Step #1. Summon Siri by pressing and holding the Home button of iPhone/iPad.

Step #2. Now speak “Create/Take a note”.

Create Note on iPhone Using Siri

Step #3. Speak whatever you want to save as note.

Step #4. Once, you are done, Siri will save your dictation in the Notes.

Step #5. Go back to Home screen and check Notes app to see your note.

The dictating note is much easier and quicker than typing in long notes. You can edit notes at your leisure.

How to Find Notes on iPhone/iPad Using Siri

Step #1. Open Siri by pressing & holding the Home button.

Step #2. Command Siri with: Show me notes.

You can also command like, “Show me notes from today,” “Show me last note” or “Show me notes about iGeeksBlog”. Just ensure that you use proper keyword while giving commands to Siri.

View iPhone Notes Using Siri

Siri will show you all the relevant notes as per your command.

Step #3. Tap on the note you want to see.

How to Update Notes on iPhone/iPad with Siri

Step #1. Open Siri by pressing & holding the Home button.

Step #2. Give command like, “Update my last note.”.

Update Notes on iPhone Using Siri

Following this command, Siri will bring all your notes. Tap on the note you want to update.

Step #3. You can say whatever you want to update or add to the existing notes.

At the end of your dictation, Siri will confirm that whatever you said is updated.

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