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How to Create Multi-Room Music Group in Alexa App on iPhone

Amazon Echo continues to be crowd’s favorite smart speaker thanks to its excellent functionality. Among several great features, the one that has won me over is “Multi-Room Music.” Hasn’t tried it as yet? Let’s create multi-room music group from Alexa app on iPhone or Android Device to play music on your multiple Amazon Echo devices at once!

But before going ahead with the process, just ensure that your devices are compatible. You can check your compatible Echo devices during setup for Multi-Room Music. Besides, you are allowed to stream music from certain services like Amazon Music Unlimited (Individual plan or Family plan), Prime Music, Amazon Music, and some third-party music providers such as Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio.

How to Play Music on Multiple Amazon Echo Devices At Once from iPhone or Android

Multi-room music will disable all Bluetooth connections including Alexa voice remotes and external speakers. Be sure you have an Amazon Music Unlimited Family plan to stream different music on multiple devices or on more than one Multi-Room Music group at the same time.

Step #1. Open Alexa app on your device and tap the menu button.

Step #2. Now, you need to tap on Smart Home and select Groups.

Step #3. Next, tap on Create Groups.

Step #4. Next up, you have to select Multi-Room Music Group.

Step #5. Then, you can either use pre-set group names from the drop-down or create your own with Custom Name.

Step #6. Finally, you have to select which devices to include and then select Create Group.

Once you have set up multi-room music, you can say, “Play [music selection] on [group name],” to play your music on the selected devices.

Your turn:

Despite the stiff completion from Google Home, “Amazon Echo” remains ahead of the race. It would be interesting to see how completion goes when HomePod is unleashed. What’s your take on the growing popularity of smart speakers and do you think Apple’s Siri-enabled speaker can give Echo and Home a strong competition?

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