Apple has made a slight change in its Music app in iOS 8. The improvement seems to have brought an exciting dimension into it. You can now create a Genius Playlist which will be managed by Apple based on what sort of songs you listen, how you rate them and more significantly how much you like them. Subsequently, your Genius Playlist is matched by other Genius users in order to find the songs that you will love the most.

How to Create Genius Playlist in Music App on iPhone and iPad

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Once you turn on Genius, all the information with regard to your library such as play counts, song names etc are anonymously sent to Apple. The Cupertino tech giant takes care of your privacy and only uses the information in order to help you in making a remarkable playlist.

How to Create Genius Playlist in Music App in iOS 8 on iPhone 

Step #1. Launch Music app.

Step #2. Tap on Playlists at the bottom left corner.

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Tap on Genius Playlists on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on Genius Playlist.

Step #4. Tap on Turn On Genius.

Turn on Genius Playlists on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

Step #5. The terms and conditions of Genius Playlists will appear, tap on Accept once you have read them.

Step #6. Now, you will have to wait for a few seconds until Apple has gathered information about your music and library, compared your music library to other Genius users and delivered Genius results. Once the process is completed, you will see tick marks next to them. Tap on Done.

Turning on Genius Playlists on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

Step #7. Tap on Genius Playlist again to bring up all the songs collected within it.

Step #8. Tap on any song which you want to create a Genius Playlist.

(If the song doesn't have enough related songs then a menu will pop-up telling you that the song doesn’t have enough related songs to create a Genius Playlist.)

That's it!

Alternately, you can create a Genius Playlist from a song that you are now listening

Tap on Now Playing → Tap on Create (“Create” will be shown at the top in the middle in iPad but in iPhone “Create” will be shown at the bottom in the middle) → Tap on Genius Playlist

(If the song has enough related songs, it will be created a Genius Playlist. If it doesn't have, then you will get a pop-up telling you that you can't create it.)

That's all!

How to Turn Off Genius Playlist in Music App in iOS 8

If you find Genius Playlist of little importance and just don't wish to have it, you can turn it off. No matter how cool something is, it can't be interesting to one and all. Turning it off is just as easy as how you turn it on! Here is how to do so.

Step #1. Launch Settings.

Music App Setting in iOS 8 on iPhone

Step #2. Scroll down and tap on Music.

Step #3. Turn off Genius.

Turn Off Genius Playlists on iPhone and iPad

You are done!

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