The tug of war between Mac OS and Windows seems to be never-ending. But I can sense that the former has garnered more attention from users. Slowly and gradually, people are moving to Mac OS from Windows.

Though they have to face some teething troubles during the first few weeks, they get along well with the interface and other functionalities. What works for Mac OS is that once a user uses it for six months or a year, he would never come back to Windows or any other operating system.

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How to Create App Shortcuts on Mac

I have experienced this feeling of awesomeness when I switched from Android to iOS. But all said and done, desktop of Windows PC has always ruled the roost. Some of the desktop functionalities can’t be found in Mac OS and this could be the possible reason why Windows fans stick to their ‘beloved’ operating system.

If one thing I have to appreciate about Windows is its ability to create shortcuts for applications. Users who have recently moved from Windows computer to a Mac, you must have faced this issue of placing icon shortcuts of your favourite apps.

But the good news is that Mac users can also place shortcut icons of apps they use regularly. Want to know how? Read on…

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How to place app shortcut icons on your Mac desktop:

First off, launch a Finder window on your Mac.

Click on Applications from the left side navigation.

Create App Shortcut Icons in Mac Desktop

Now select the app you want to create a shortcut for.

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Drag the app and drop it on desktop.

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Hurray!! The shortcut icon is now created. You can follow this action to create shortcut icons for other apps as well.