How to Create and Set Custom Vibration Pattern on iPhone Running iOS 9

Custom vibration pattern helps you to know the person who is calling, without pulling out your iPhone from your pocket. Here is how to create and set custom vibration pattern on iPhone.

Everyone is aware about setting different ringtones for different contacts. But there are times when you just can’t hear a ringtone. For an instance, if you are in heavy traffic or in a meeting and your iPhone is on vibrate mode. Custom ringtones won’t help in any of the above instances.

This is the time when vibration alerts you if someone is calling. You’ll need to look at your iPhone to check who is calling. In some situations it is not possible to pull out iPhone from our pocket, especially when you are in front of your boss!

How to Create and Set Custom Vibrations on iPhone

Solution to this problem is to set a custom vibration pattern and assign it to a contact. Thus, when a person calls you, your iPhone will vibrate with your custom pattern and you’ll come to know who is calling without pulling out your iPhone. Check the guide given below to set custom vibration.

How to Create Custom Vibration Pattern for iPhone Contacts

Step #1. Go to Settings → Sounds.

Tap on Settings Then Sounds on iPhone

Step #2. Now tap on Ringtone followed by Vibration.

Tap on Ringtone Then Vibration on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on Create New Vibration.

Tap on Create New Vibration on iPhone

Step #4. Now keep tapping the screen in different patterns and feel the vibration until you see the blue bar at bottom fills completely.

Step #5. Once the blue bar is full, you will get “Save” option on top-right of screen; tap it to save the pattern.

Create Custom Vibrations on iPhone

Step #6. Name your new pattern, so it will be easy to recognize in future.

Assign Name to Custom Vibration on iPhone

Your new vibration pattern has been created successfully. Now let’s see how to assign it to a particular contact.

How to Set/Assign Custom Vibration to Contact on iPhone

Step #1. Open Contacts App.

Open Contacts App on iPhone

Step #2. Find the contact you want to assign custom vibration.

Step #3. Tap on Edit from top.

Edit iPhone Contact

Step #4. Under Vibration, select the new pattern you just created and tap on “Done“.

Assign Custom Vibration to iPhone Contact

Step #5. Now again tap on “Done“, located on top-right corner of the screen.

Voila! Your newly made custom vibration has been assigned to the contact. Repeat both the processes to align different vibration patterns to different contacts.

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