How to Create Custom iPhone Ringtones with GarageBand: Complete Tutorial

Creating custom ringtones on the iPhone is – for most users – a pain in the bottom. The problem is, there are no good ringtone makers available and the existing methods are slightly complex. We’ve tried simplifying the thing in our posts on creating custom ringtones for your iPhone but still, not everyone is comfortable with all the steps mentioned in that post.

Mac users are, however, lucky. If you use a Mac, chances are you’ve seen that GarageBand app on your Mac. If you’ve used them, all the better because that’s the easiest way to create custom ringtones and send them to iTunes.

In this brief tutorial, we’ll take a look at how you can create ringtones in GarageBand and then use them on your iPhone. It’s simple.

To do this, you’ll need:

  • GarageBand (greater than version 4.1.1, the current version is 11)
  • iTunes (greater than 7.5, the current version is 10.7)
  • An iPhone that syncs with iTunes

Let’s get started with Creating Custom iPhone Ringtones with GarageBand:

GarageBand is basically a software for composing, mixing, editing audio tracks. You can record your own tracks, or you can import audio files into the software.

Step #1. Once you’ve either recorded your track/imported the audio file, look for the ‘cycle’ button on transport controls. Click it to activate it.

Step #2. After this, click on the small ‘note’ icon on the left of LCD display. This brings up a pop-up menu.

Step #3. Select ‘Time’ from this list. Now, instead of bars and measures, you’ll be shown time in minutes and seconds.

Step #4. Select the region of the track you want to convert as a ringtone. Make sure this is less than 40 seconds (for ringtone) and less than 30 seconds (for other alert tones).

Step #5. Save the project.

Step #6. Now, from the menu, click “Share.”

Step #7. Select ‘Send Ringtone to iTunes.’

That’s it!

Connect your iPhone to your Mac, open iTunes, select Sync (make sure Sync Tones is checked) and you’re done! The new ringtone should be on your iPhone, ready for you!

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