iOS 6 let you reply to calls with a message – this came in handy when you were unable to pick the call but wanted to let the caller know that you’ll call him/her back. All you had to do was swipe the phone icons whenever you received a call and tap on Reply with Message, followed by the message you want to send.

To make things easy, Apple put three default messages. Tap on them and the message got sent automatically. You also had the option of a custom message: tap this and the call will be disconnected, a new message window opens up with the caller as the recipient.

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All is fine but if you wanted to change the three custom ‘reply with message’ options, how do you do that? You can, of course, tap on ‘custom’ and type out a new message but you want to be able to change the three default ‘reply with message’ options.

How to Customize Reply with Message In iPhone on iOS 6.x

Well, here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Settings
  • Now tap on Phone
  • Tap on ‘Reply with Message’
  • You see the three text-fields with pre-filled messages? You can tap on the text-fields and add your own message there.

How to Customize Reply with Message

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And once you change this, here’s how it looks:

Create Custom Reply with Message In iPhone

So now, you can just tap on the custom message you want to send and it gets sent. The tip here is to keep the message short. That way, the caller understands that you are not in a position to speak right now.

You can also check out our post on the features that Apple added to the Phone app (Reply Later, Reply with Message etc.) in iOS 6.x.

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