An interesting little Cydia tweak called PowerActions came up on our radar this morning. I thought I’ll take it for a ride. Though limited to a few important toggles, the tweak is something you should have. For kicks or features.

PowerActions is a tweak available on BigBoss. It’s free. It’s developed by someone who goes by the name of iA1eX. And the tweak is a light-weight package that installs in seconds and can be easily configured from the Settings.


How to Create Custom Actions When You Plug Your iPhone to the Charger

The main purpose of having PowerActions on your iPhone would be to trigger some actions automatically once your iPhone is connected to the power source. While the tweak doesn’t affect in any way the charging process, it does let you change the way your iPhone behaves once you connect it to the power source.

For instance:

#1. You can set a custom message to popup when you connect your charger.

#2. You can switch off the vibrate and the ugly sound whenever you connect your charger.

#3. You can set the phone to go on Airplane mode automatically.

#4. You can set the iPhone on mute whenever it’s connected.

#5. You can toggle Wi-fi too (to conserve battery.)


#6. And most importantly, you can toggle play/pause/next track/previous track too!

To get this tweak and use it:

Step #1. Open Cydia.

Step #2. Search for PowerActions and install the tweak.

Step #3. After respringing the device, open Settings.

Step #4. Open PowerActions under Settings and tweak the toggles to your liking.

Step #5. Now, just connect your iPhone to theĀ charger and see what happens!

PowerActions is a simple and easy way to get some routine things done. For instance, if you like to have music playing in the background, this is a neat way actually to make that happen whenever you connect your iPhone to the charger.

If you plug your iPhone in the night and wouldn’t want to be disturbed through calls and other stuff, you can use the mute (or in some cases, the Airplane mode).