Create Checklists in Notes App in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad [How-to]

Gone are the days when people used a “post-it” bundle to jot down a list of groceries and to-dos. The generation has come off the age and advanced gadgets have shown their wizardry to get the better of pen-and-paper thingummies.

Now everything happens on digital screen, and this includes your notes that you keep on your iPhone. Well, if you are using iOS 9 on your device, here is something interesting to you.

Until now, your Notes was just a humble facility that allows you to list what you want to purchase from a nearby market. Apple tends to improve each and every feature on its products; with every update, users get something new. What happens with Notes in iOS 9 is nothing different from the history of Apple.

If you are running your iPhone on iOS 9, you can enjoy some of the cool features on Notes; creating checklist is one such feature that makes your task easier. Apart from this, iOS 9 also offers you headings, free hand drawing and the ability to insert a photo or take one from within the app and add it to a note.

How to Create Checklists in Notes App in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

Now, let’s check how to create a checklist on your iPhone.

How to Create Checklists in the Notes App in iOS 9

Step #1. Launch Notes on your iPhone.

Open Notes App on iPhone Running iOS 9

You can see Folders on the phone screen; below this, there are two default Folders: iCloud and On My iPhone.

Folders in Notes App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on any of the two folders if you have created any notes. (If not, create Notes either in iCloud or in On My iPhone).

Step #3. After tapping on Folder, tap on any Notes you have already created.

Step #4. Now tap on floating sign of “+” on the right.

Tap on Plus Sign in Notes App on iPhone in iOS 9

Four options will appear on the screen: Checkbox, Formatting, Camera and Freehand drawing.

Formatting Options in iOS 9 Notes App

Step #5. Tap on Checkbox (the first option).

Tap on Check Icon in Notes App

A circle followed by a blinking cursor will appear on the screen. All you have to do is to start adding items and keep tapping on “return” key to add next items.

Create Checklists in the Notes App in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad