How to Create Blank Icons on iPhone or iPad Home screen With Shortcuts

Has the grid styled icons started to look dull on your iPhone? Let me show you can create empty iPhone home screen icons with Shortcuts app and then design the screen layout to your heart's liking!

Much as I still adore the classy grid style of the Home screen icons on the iPhone, at times I do want to make it look stand out. And it’s this wish that has led me to explore multiple ways to create blank icons for iPhone Home screen so that I can place the app icons in my preferred style.

So far I used to rely on a site to make empty icons on the iPhone. But with the arrival of the Shortcuts app, I no longer need to use any other tool as it gets the job done a bit more conveniently.

Keep in mind this is still a workaround and requires some adjustment. If you are ready to walk that path in favor of some cool customization, let me show you how to create empty icons on iOS devices using Shortcuts.

How to Create Empty Icons for Homescreen on iPhone and iPad Using Shortcuts

Before getting started:

  • For best result, use pitch-black wallpaper (Settings → Wallpaper → Choose a New Wallpaper → Stills)

Set Pitch black wallpaper on iPhone

  • Capture the screenshot of the wallpaper you’ve set on your device. To do so, simply touch and hold an app icon to enter edit mode. Then, swipe right to access the empty Home screen and take the screenshot.

Access the empty iPhone Homescreen and take the screenshot

Step #1. Open Shortcuts app on your iOS device.

Open Shortcuts app on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Under the Library tab, tap on the “+” icon at the top right to create a shortcut.

Tap on Plus icon to Create Shortcut in iOS Shortcuts app

Step #3. Next up, tap on the two tiny icons placed on top of each other horizontally at the top right.

Tap on two tiny icons in iOS Shortcuts app

Step #4. Up next, tap on the Icon field.

Tap on Icon field in iOS Shortcuts app

Step #5. Now, tap on the Home Screen tab and choose Select Photo. You need to select the screenshot of the wallpaper you have just captured.

Set Pitch-black wallpaper as a icon in iOS Shortcuts app

Then, make sure to adjust it perfectly using your finger so that there is no text on the image and tap on Choose. Next, tap on Done.

Tap on Choose and Done in iOS Shortcuts app

Step #6. Now, tap on the Name field. Then, copy the blank space in the bracket given below and paste it, finally, tap on Done.

( ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀)

Give Blank Space in Name Field in iOS Shortcuts app

Step #7. Now, tap on Add to Home Screen.

Tap on Add to Home Screen in iOS Shortcuts app

Step #8. Tap on Share icon, then tap on Add to Home Screen in the share sheet.

Tap on Share button and Select Add to Home Screen in iPhone Share Sheet
Step #9. Tap on Add at the top right.

Add Blank Icon for Homescreen on iPhone and iPad Using Shortcuts

That’s pretty much it! Now, place this blank icon at the desired place by dragging and dropping it at the preferred location.

Here is how the Home screen looks like on my iPhone.

Empty icons on iPhone Homescreen using Shortcuts

Do note that you can follow the same steps mentioned above to craft more empty icons on your iPhone.

Tip: Now, creating another icon will be a lot quicker for you. Just go back to the app, and you will notice that you need to simply tap on the Add to Home Screen and follow the steps explained above to easily get the icon.

That’s pretty much it!

Stay Tuned In For More…

So, that’s how you can add some nice personal touch to your iPhone’s Home screen. Yeah, it’s not perfect; it does offer a way to shake off the age-old layout.

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