GIF files have revolutionized the way we share and enjoy fun on social media. Every day, people upload and share countless GIFs with their friends and family. While the fun is unlimited, little we care about how the GIFs were created.

Earlier, the creation of GIF demanded a lot of steps as one has to scrape through software like Photoshop to create a single GIF. That requires selection of images and compiling those images into a file. But now things have changed. You can create animated GIFs from movies in your Mac OS X with just drag and drop.

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How to Create Animated GIFs from Movies on Mac

A new app – Drop to GIF – has hit the store and it is quite easy and fun to create GIFs. This app actually takes the burden of manual selection and operation of creating GIF; instead, it automates the entire process. With this app, making an animated GIF is as easy as ABC. Just drag a movie file and drop it into the app and Bob’s your uncle!

How to Create Animated GIF in Drop to GIF App in Mac OS X

Step #1. First of all, download Drop to GIF free app on your Mac.

Step #2. Now drag and drop any movie file to Drop to GIF app.

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Note that you can also drop the file into the app Dock icon.

This will initiate conversion of the selected video into animated GIF modes.

Once the conversion is done, take a look at the original directory of the movie file to locate the exported animated GIF.

The GIF you have recently exported will look infinitely. You can set the default settings by pulling the frame rate from the video and set that as animated GIF FPS. You can make necessary changes in FPS as to width size of GIF exported file, GIF quality, etc. These adjustments will help you control the file size of the exported GIF. Please note that high FPS animated GIF will occupy more space by default.

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