How to Create Alphanumeric Passcode on iPhone and iPad

Recently released iOS 9 allows you to set aphanumeric passcode on your iPhone and iPad. In this how-to we have covered the information on Setting up alphanumeric and 4/6 digit passcode on iPhone and iPad.

Passcode is one of the most essential features for any person who uses smart device. All of us have some or the other confidential data stored on our iPhone or iPad. Apart from confidential data, we might not want kids to play games or watch movies all the time.

Passcode comes into action in any of the above situations; control or prevent your data from theft by setting a strong passcode that is not easily predictable.

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By default, the iOS 9 features a six digit numeric passcode; that can be changed to either four digits numeric or alphanumeric.

How to Set an Alphanumeric Passcode on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Tap on Settings → Tap on Touch ID and Passcode.

Tap on Touch ID & Passcode Settings on iPhone

Step #2. If you have already set a Passcode, you’ll be asked to enter it for going further. Enter the passcode to explore further options. If you have not set any passcode, you’ll be asked to create a new one before you can choose other options.

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Enter iPhone Passcode

Step #3. Tap on “Change Passcode.”

Tap on Change Passcode on iPhone

Step #4. After tapping “Change Passcode,” you’ll be asked again to enter your old passcode; enter it.

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Enter iPhone Passcode

Step #5. You will see “Passcode Options” right above the numeric keypad; tap on that.

Tap on Passcode Options on iPhone

Step #6. There will be three options to choose; “Custom Alphanumeric Code”, “Custom Numeric Code”, and “4 Digit Numeric Code”, tap on “Custom Alphanumeric Code” and you will notice your keyboard will change from numeric to the regular keyboard.

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Tap on Custom Alphanumeric Code on iPhone

Step #7. Enter your new alphanumeric passcode and tap Next in top-right corner, and you will be asked to enter the new alphanumeric passcode again to confirm, tap on Done from top-right corner.

Set Alphanumeric Passcode on iPhone and iPad

So, that’s how you can set an alphanumeric passcode on your iDevice.

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If you are running iOS 9 on your iDevice, by default it will ask you to enter six digit passcode. But, you can still stick to 4 digits.

How to Switch Between 4/6 Digit Passcode on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 9

To switch between four and six digits passcode please follow the first five steps mentioned above.

Step #6. Tap on 4-digits Numeric Code.

Tap on 4 Digit Numeric Code on iPhone

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Step #7. Enter your passcode twice when prompted.

Set 4 Digit Passcode in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

Watch out this video to secure your iPhone with Alphanumeric Passcode:

Be sure to remember your passcode, else there will be no turning back except to restore your iPhone. A word of advice: keep your passcode that you can easily remember but not too predictable to others, particularly while you are creating an Alphanumeric passcode.

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