How to Create Alarms on HomePod

They say, "Well begun is half done." Use Siri to comfortably set and manage alarms on HomePod to get up on time with complete peace of mind or never let time leave you behind. Plus, make the most of the personal assistant to help you keep a tab on all the set alarms with optimum ease!

With HomePod readily available to wake you up gently, you no longer have any excuse to sleep beyond the set rule. To help you get started your day with rejuvenated energy or stay ahead of time at the desired pace, follow this upfront guide to set and manage alarms on HomePod with ease.

Use Siri to create and edit your alarms on the smart speaker in a jiffy! You can also use the Home app on your iOS device to handle your alarms with the required flexibility.

How to Create Alarm on HomePod

How to Set And Manage Alarms on HomePod

How to Create An Alarm on HomePod Using Siri

Creating alarms using Siri is pretty simple. The personal assistant can let you set both one-time alarm and recurring alarms that go off every day. All you need to do is invoke it and ask it to get the job done for you!

Make sure to label your alarms to be able to remember them easily. It also helps you reference them when giving commands to Siri.

  • Hey Siri, set the alarm for 12:00 P.M every weekday.
  • Hey Siri, set the alarm for 6:00 A.M.
  • Hey Siri, set the alarm for 4:30 P.M every Friday and Saturday.
  • Hey Siri, set the alarm for 3:00 P.M labeled take medicine.
  • Hey Siri, set the alarm for 9:00 A.M every weekend.
  • Hey Siri, set the alarm for 9 P.M every Monday.

How to Manage Alarms on HomePod With Siri

Managing alarms with Siri is so straightforward. For instance, to delete an alarm, just ask the personal assistant to do it quickly. “Hey Siri, delete the 6 A.M alarm. If you wish to get rid of all of your alarms at once, say “Hey Siri, delete all of my alarms.”

  • To change alarm, say, “Hey Siri, change the 7 A.M alarm to 8 A.M alarm.
  • To find out the alarms you have set up, say, “Hey Siri, what alarms do I have on?”

Now, the virtual assistant will let you know all the alarms that are set up on your smart speaker.

How to Set and Manage Alarms on HomePod Using Home App on iPhone and iPad

You can view and manage all of your alarms, which you have created on the smart speaker through Siri, in the Home app from your iOS device.

Step #1. Launch Home app on your iOS device.

Sep #2. Now, long press or 3D Touch on the HomePod icon on the main screen.

Step #3. Next, tap on “Alarms.”

Step #4. Tap on “+” button to set a new alarm.

  • Then, add a time, change label and select the preferred repeat.
  • To edit or delete an alarm, tap on “Edit” button. Then, edit the alarm or tap on the red button to remove it.
  • To disable an alarm, turn off the toggle next to an alarm.

How to Disable an Alarm Using Siri on HomePod

While an alarm is going off, simply tap the top of the speaker to stop it. You can also ask Siri to turn off the alarm: to do so, just say “Hey Siri, turn off the alarm.”

That’s it!

Your turn:

The one little but important feature I would want to see very soon is the option to snooze an alarm on the HomePod. It’s such an important aspect of an alarm. What do you think of it?

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