How to Create a Repeating Calendar Alert on your iPhone/iPad [iOS 7]

Calendar alerts in iOS 7 don’t work like the snooze button. Once you cancel an alert, it’s gone. You won’t be reminded of the event once again, unless you set up the event to repeat an alert.

A few third-party apps let you create calendar events with repeating alerts that ping at regular intervals. The stock iOS 7 Calendar app does not have that feature but it sure gives you a ‘second’ alert feature that you can make use of.

Here’s how to make a calendar alert repeat at a set interval:

1. In a New Event

  • Open the Calendar app
  • Tap the + icon to create a new event
  • Fill up the details for the event. In the Alert field, give it a time (like 30 minutes before)
  • Under this, you have the Second Alert field. Give it a time lesser than the Alert field (like 15 minutes before)
  • Fill up the rest of the details for the event and tap on Done.

Make A Calendar Alert Repeat At A Set Interval on iDevice in iOS 7

This creates an event which will sound two alerts before the event’s scheduled time. Leaving the Second Alert field to None will disable the repeat alert.

2. In an Existing Event

  • Open the Calendar app
  • Tap on the date containing the event that you want to edit.
  • Tap on event space.
  • Now, tap on Edit from the top.
  • Once again, fill up the Alert and Second Alert fields as per your requirement.
  • Tap on Done once you are finished.

How to Repeat a Calendar Event?

While we’re talking about repeating calendar alerts, let’s also talk about repeating calendar events. iOS 7 lets you create a calendar event and then have it copy-pasted across days/weeks/months or years so that you don’t have to add it repeatedly. It’s in that feature called ‘Repeat’.

How to Repeat a Calendar Event in iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad

To repeat an event when you create it, just tap on Repeat and then choose a frequency. To repeat an event that you have already created, tap on the event and then tap on Edit. Then, tap on the Repeat field and set it.

Got any other tip for the Calendar app on iOS 7? Do let us know.