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For all the advancement in technology of smartphones and computers, we've not yet solved for a very simple task: copy-pasting between iPhones and computers (Mac or PC). If you wanted to copy something from your computer and paste it on iPhone, you have a very long route to cover.

We have posted about this already but it was all a workaround. But if you do this regularly, you might want a dedicated solution that works on-the-fly, and easily. That's probably why developers took to developing apps specifically for this purpose.

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Copy or Paste Text from iPhone to Mac and PC

#1. Command-C

Command-C iOS App IconDanilo Torrisi's Command-C is a recently-updated-for-iOS 7 app built for Mac and iPhone/iPad. It's a simple piece of software that runs on your Mac and iPhone and connects the two through its own server.

Command-C stands out from the rest of the programs for its simplicity and ubiquity. When you copy text on Mac, it's almost instantly available on the iPhone. Just tap and hold on iPhone and then tap on paste: the copied text is pasted right away.

One cool thing about Command-C is that it can share images too. But what is a little disadvantageous is that it works off its own server not relying on local Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth or cloud. If the server goes down, you'll face an outage.

Price: $3.99
Download iOS App ($3.99) Download Mac App (Free)

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#2. CloudClip

CloudClip iOS App IconCloudClip works very similar to Command-C but with one huge difference: it relies on iCloud. The gateway is the CloudClip iOS app. Here's how it works:

When you copy text on the Mac, it gets sent to iCloud. After copying text, open CloudClip on your iPhone and the copied text is shown in a list. You can copy the text now and use it anywhere else on the iPhone.

If you copy text on iPhone to paste in the Mac, you have to open CloudClip on iPhone to have the copied text pushed to iCloud. Once this is done, the copied text is available from the menu bar icon for CloudClip.

Although it is not necessary that both the devices remain on the same network, it doesn't make much of a difference. You'll need to enable iCloud on both the devices.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Price: Free
Download iOS App  (Free) Download Mac App (Free)

#3. Scribe

Scribe iOS App IconScribe uses the same philosophy of technique but replaces Wi-Fi or iCloud with Bluetooth LE.  The benefit of using Bluetooth LE is that it saves power and the disadvantage is that it's one-to-one (you can use one iPhone to one Mac). Fantastically, you don't an internet connectivity when you are just copy-pasting between the two devices.

With Scribe, the connectivity and transfer is instantaneous too. But it's not as ubiquitous as Command-C. Also, since it relies on Bluetooth LE, iPhone 4 and lower aren't supported.

Price: $2.99
Download iOS App (Free) Download Mac App

#4. MyPhoneDesktop

myPhoneDesktop iOS App IconAlthough not exactly a favorite alternative, MyPhoneDesktop finds mentions in reputed blogs. MyPhoneDesktop supports Windows PCs and Linux systems besides Mac. But it's actually an overkill for just copy-paste. There's a lot more that MyPhoneDesktop can do (like making a call on your iPhone but triggered from your desktop, sending files, sending SMS from Mac etc.).

And it's a little complicated/sophisticated.

Price: $4.99
Download iOS App

#5. Clipboard Share

Clipboard Share iPhone and iPad AppDone with the cumbersome process of copy/paste from iPhone to Mac or vice versa? Clipboard Share is an elegant app that will let you do that with utmost ease without any hassle at all.

Copy any text, phone numbers, email address, URLs or anything you want between iPhone, iPad and Mac, must ensure that Remote Login is enabled in Mac under System Preferences → Sharing, add Mac details to the app and then exchange clipboard information between Mac and iPhone. That's it!

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Price: $0.99
Download Clipboard Share

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  • edinvestor1

    It really is very simple with Apple. You just copy and paste to Notes and it shows up in the Notes of every Apple device you have, instantly.