How to Convert Video to GIF on Mac with GIF Brewery 3 Mac App

Start your day with some fun by converting videos into animated GIFs. Download GIF Brewery on your Mac and follow the information given below.

Sharing GIF animations is the latest fad on social media. But before you could share, you must have GIF on your Mac. There are many websites offer countless GIF animations at gratis. However, creating a unique GIF animation always gives you much more pleasure than those ready-to-use files.

There are users of Drop to GIF, which is quite a user-friendly app to create GIF. We have got yet another beautiful app – GIF Brewery – that you can use on your Mac to convert videos to GIFs. GIF Brewery has an edge over other GIF makers as the app can create GIF from anything. If you want to create GIF from a series of images, this app can help you.

How to Convert Video to GIF on Mac

How to Convert Videos to GIF in Mac OS X

Please note that GIF Brewery, which is now in its third version, is a paid app. But given its excellent features, it is worth spending $4.99. Download the GIF Brewery 3 on your Mac and live the fun.

Step #1. First off, launch GIF Brewery on your Mac.

Step #2. Click on the file menu.

Step #3. Now click on an Open option from the menu.

Step #4. Select the video file you want to convert to an animated GIF.

Step #5. You can now start editing the video to trim the size (normally GIF files are a compilation of very few images that continuously play to create an impact of a video). Drag the start and end bars at the bottom of the dialog box opened.

Step #6. Some users may also like to use Resize button (a slanted line with two arrowheads) or Crop button, next to the Resize button.

Step #7. You can use this option to change the Width and Height to create a small-sized animated GIF.

There is a third alternative to convert video into GIF; use GIF Properties (click on the cogwheel at the top right corner of the dialog box).

Step #8. Adjust color, frame rate, and looping.

Step #9. Before hitting Save button, click on Preview Loop button to see how the animated GIF would look like.

Step #10. If everything is good, click on Create GIF to create the converted GIF.

Step #11. Finally, you can click on Save button to store the created GIF in your Mac. Optionally, you can also share the same GIF by clicking on the Share button via different social media channels.

One of the benefits of this GIF Brewery app is that you can send animated GIFs to devices using another operating system; note that if you have turned Live Photos into GIFs, you won’t be able to share them on any Android or Windows devices.

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