How to Turn Live Photos into GIFs on iPhone and iPad

Live Photos bring alive your fond memories the moment you long press them. I like sharing them with my friends and loved ones. To bring more fun into the play, I convert Live Photos into GIFs on my iPhone. The obvious advantage of it is that it allows me to send those animated shots across all platforms—without any restrictions.

With iOS 11, you can effortlessly turn Live Photos into GIFs. Yeah, you no longer need to use a third-party app like Lively to get things done.

Note: Make sure your iPhone is compatible with Live Photos. Only iPhone 6s/6s Plus or later allows you to capture Live Photos.

How to Convert Live Photos into GIFs on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Photos app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on Albums tab at the bottom right corner.

Step #3. Now, tap on Live Photos album.

Tap on Live Photos Album in iPhone Photos App

Step #4. Select the photo you want to turn into GIF.

Select Live Photo from iPhone Photos App

Step #5. Next up, swipe up the pic.

Swipe Up Live Photo on iPhone

Step #6. Up next, you have four effects to choose from: Live, Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure. Tap on any of the effects you like.

Select Effect for Live Photo on iPhone

You can access the recently created GIF from Animated album.

Tap on Animated Album in iPhone Photos

That’s it!

If your iPhone running iOS 10 or iOS 9, you need to download either Live GIF (Price: $1.99) or Lively (free) on your iPhone 6s.

How to Convert Live Photos into GIFs on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 10/iOS 9

Step #1. Launch Live GIF or Lively on your iPhone 6s.

Open Lively App on iPhone

Since you are using this app for the first time, it will ask you to access your photo album. Tap on OK.

Allow iPhone Photos Access to Lively App

The app will automatically detect your live photos.

Step #2. Tap on the Live Photo you want to share.

Tap on Live Photo from Lively iPhone App

You can see two options right above your live photo: Movie and GIF.

Step #3. Tap on GIF.

Below the live photo, there is a button: Export as GIF.

Step #4. Tap on the button of Export as GIF (Lively) or Share GIF (Live GIF).

Tap on Export as GIF in Lively iPhone AppTap on Export in Lively iPhone App

Two menu bars will swipe up with several sharing options.

Step #5. You can save GIF to your iPhone camera roll or tap on any one option with which you want to share GIF.

Share Sheet in Lively iPhone App

Step #6. In case of the message, type in or select the name of a person with whom you want to share GIF.

Step #7. Finally, tap on the Send button.

Share Live Photo as GIF from iPhone

This is done.

Your live photo will be sent to your friend in a GIF format. Please note that you won’t be able to share live photos via Facebook and Twitter, hence, you need to share applications like iMessage, WhatsApp or Mail to share live photos as GIFs.

If you want to share your live photos through Facebook or Twitter, you need to select your live photos from Camera Roll.

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How to Turn Live Photos into Shareable GIFs on iPhone

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How to Turn Live Photos into Shareable GIFs on iPhone
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