Convert Keynote Presentation to PowerPoint, PDF or HTML on Mac [How-to]

At times, you may require converting your Keynote presentation into certain formats like PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, images, QuickTime when sharing it with your friend who is using different software. Head over to find out how it's done!

You have created an important presentation using Apple’s Keynote. But just when you are getting ready to export it to your friend, you come to know that he is using Windows or want the file in a different format. Needless to fret over it, mate! Converting a Keynote presentation into PowerPoint, HTML or PDF is a pretty simple process.

You can also save your Keynote in QuickTime, Images and Keynote ’09 format. Let me show you how it works.

How to Convert a Keynote Presentation to PowerPoint, PDF or HTML Format on Mac

How to Export Keynote Presentation to PowerPoint, PDF or HTML Format on Mac

Step #1. Open Keynote app on your Mac. Then, create a new presentation or open an existing one in the Keynote app on your Mac.

I’m going to use the one that I’ve already made.

Step #2. Now, click on the File menu.

Click on File menu in Mac Keynote App

Step #3. Next, click on Export To.

Click on Export To and Select PowerPoint in Mac Keynote App

Then, you need to select the format in which you want to convert the file. You have multiple options like PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, QuickTime, Images, Keynote 09.

From here, the process of exporting the presentation in any format is almost same. Hence, you can choose any of the available options.

In this test, I’m going to select PowerPoint.

Step #4. A window will appear on your screen, click on Advanced Options.

Click on Advanced Options in Mac Keynote App

And select between the .pptx and .ppt formats.

Select between the .pptx and .ppt formats in Mac Keynote App

Just in case you want to use presentation on your newer Windows computer. Choose. pptx

Step #5. Now, click on Next.

Click on Next to Export Your Presentation in Mac Keynote App

Step #6. Up next, you have to enter a name of the exported document and choose a location to save it. Finally, click on Export.

Enter a name and Click on Export in Mac Keynote App

That’s it!

If the original file is shielded by a password, it will automatically apply to copies exported in PDF, PowerPoint, and Keynote ’09 formats. For these formats, you have the option to export without password protection, keep the original password, or even assign a different password to the copy.

Wrap up:

So, that’s how you can export your Keynote as another format on macOS. Have any feedback? Shoot it in the comments below.

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