Convert a Keynote Presentation to a PowerPoint on iPhone

How to Export or Save a Keynote file as PowerPoint or PDF on iPhone or iPad

There are two presentation apps that I have always enjoyed using: Apple’s Keynote and Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Just a couple of days back, I created a nice presentation using Keynote on my iOS device and wanted to send it to my friend who has Windows PC. At first, I thought I will have to use a third party tool to convert the keynote presentation to PowerPoint on my iPhone. But when I dig a bit deep into the setting, the converter was right within the app!

So, if you are also looking for a quick way to export your Keynote file as PowerPoint or PDF, head over to these quick steps to get it done.

How to Export or Save a Keynote file as PowerPoint or PDF on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch Keynote app on your iOS device.

Launch Keynote app on iPhone

Note: If you haven’t installed it on your device, get it now. It’s free.

Then, you need to either open an existing Keynote presentation or create a new one.

If you want to go with a new presentation, tap on Recents tab at the bottom. Then, tap on the “+” button at the top and then create a sensational Presentation.

Tap on Plus Button to Create Presentation in Keynote app on iPhone

In this test, I’m going to use the presentation that I created recently. Hence, tap on Recents tab.

Note: If you have synced your presentation with iCloud Drive, tap on the Browse tab at the bottom and then head over to the location where you have saved it.

Tap on Browse tab to sync presentation iCloud Drive

Step #2. Now, touch and hold to the presentation you want to save.

Touch and hold to presentation in Keynote app on iPhone

Note: Alternately, just tap on the presentation to open it. Then, tap on the ellipsis icon at the top right corner. Then, select Export.

Step #3. Next, a popup window will appear. Tap on the Share button in the popup window.

Tap on the Share button in Keynote app on iPhone

Note: If you are using your iPhone, you need to tap on the tiny arrow button to reveal Share option.

Step #4. Next, tap on Export in the share sheet menu.

Tap on Export in the iPhone share sheet menu

Step #5. Finally, you have two options: PowerPoint or PDF.

Convert A Keynote Presentation to PowerPoint on iPhone

You can choose to save your file in any of the two formats. Once you have saved the file, you can share it using iMessage, email or another medium.

That’s pretty much it!

Wrap up:

It’s time to let us know your feedback? And also tell us about your best presentation apps for iPhone.

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