How to Control AirPods Using Siri-like Commands

Siri makes it a lot easy to control AirPods. Whether you want to play any song, album or skip any track, the virtual assistant is always up to the task of getting the job done quickly. But what if Siri completely stops working due to poor internet connection, do you have any alternative?

When Siri fails to let you control AirPods, and you have no other option but maneuver the music manually, Voice Control can be of good help. Most importantly, it can let you handle the wireless earphones even in offline. (You may want to read: How to configure and customize AirPods)

How to Control AirPods Using Siri-like Commands

Here is how you can enable Voice Control and use it to fine tune AirPods when Siri starts playing spoil-sport to your music time.

How to Control AirPods Using Siri-Like Commands without the Internet

Enable Voice Control on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings Then General on iPhone 7

Step #2. Now, you need to tap on Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility in iPhone 7 Plus Settings

Step #3. Next up, scroll down and tap on Home Button.

Tap on Home Button Under Accessibility in iPhone Settings

Step #4. Under Press and hold to speak section, select Voice Control.

Enable Voice Control on iPhone

Now, exit the Settings.

How to Control AirPods using Voice Control

From now onwards, whenever you press and hold the Home button, Voice Control will be activated. It will let you carry out a few things like play/pause, skip, return, etc. You can also play your favorite artists, songs, albums and playlists without the internet.

Open music app and start playing any song. Then, just press and hold the Home button to trigger Voice Control. Now, ask it to play, pause or skip the song. Use simple phrases like “Play Playlist,” “Play Album” to get the desired result.

Use Voice Control to Control AirPods on iPhone

The Bottom Line

Voice Control is nowhere near Siri in terms of functionality and the ability to control AirPods elegantly. However, it can just get the work done when there is no internet connection, or Siri is not working at all due to the poor network.

Agreed, it’s not a perfect solution, and we would want something more effective to let us fine AirPods more conveniently even offline. Have any feedback? Let us know that in the comments below and stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for more such helpful posts. Also, try out our iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.