Winterboard is a boon for themers/modders and users who want to tweak the basic look of their iOS devices. Most Winterboard themes are designed as icon packs but there are also themes that alter the look of other UI elements.

Most of the time, applying and removing Winterboard themes happens without a problem. But there’s that rare occasion when you’ve removed a theme from Winterboard and Cydia but it’s effects are still visible on the theme.

How to remove it?

How to Fix Winterboard Theme Tweak Uninstall Issues in iOS 7

You’ve got to try the following but it’s assuming that you have done this first:

  • Unchecked the Winterboard theme/tweak from within Winterboard
  • Removed it from Cydia

1. Respring

After unchecking/uninstalling the tweak, did you respring? If yes, did the respring go without a problem (like jumping into Safe Mode)? If no, it’s time to Respring.

If you’ve got a tweak like Purge installed, you can respring by swiping up the homescreen card from the multi-task switcher. If not, open Winterboard, check and uncheck some tweak/theme and then tap on Back. Then tap on Respring.

2. Reboot

A reboot usually fixes everything. Reboots can clear the cache which might probably cause the issue.

3. Re-install Winterboard

If you remove Winterboard, it clears out all its data. And then you can re-install as a new copy and get started from there. The only issue is that if you have multiple Winterboard themes installed and enabled, you might have to rework or re-enable them.

But if you want a clear cut solution, this is it. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Cydia
  • Search for Winterboard
  • Tap on Modify
  • Tap on Remove
  • After it’s removed, Cydia will ask you to reboot the iPhone. Reboot/Respring.
  • Now, search for Winterboard again (in Cydia) and install it.

That’s it. The issue should be resolved now.