How to Close Multiple Tabs at Once in Safari on iPhone and iPad

On your iPhone and iPad, you can close the tabs you searched in the Safari app. There is a trick to do this. This article is all about that trick first mentioned by a former Apple employee.

Ever since Apple has increased the size of its iPhones, users have begun to use Safari app to explore the web world. This has created another issue of closing the tabs you have searched in mobile Safari. But there is a way to close the multiple similar tabs at once in Safari on iPhone and iPad.

This new trick enables any iPhone or iPad users to close tabs they have searched on the Safari app. For any user, who wants to get rid of matching tabs, they can follow a simple trick on their iPhone and iPad.

How to Close Searched-for Tabs in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Safari app on your iPhone or iPad.

Open Safari app on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Now, tap on the Tabs button from the bottom right corner. You can see two squares overlapping each other.

Tap on Tabs button in Safari app

If you are using an iPad, you will find this button on the top right corner in portrait and landscape orientation.

Step #3. Now, your device will show all the websites you have browsed recently. Swipe down until you see Search Tabs.

Swipe down until you see Search Tabs in Safari app

Step #4. Next, type in any keyword in the Search Tabs.

For example, you want to close a tab with a keyword ‘iPhone.’ Type ‘iPhone’ in the search field and the list of tabs will reduce immediately.

Type Keyword you want to close searched-for tabs in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Note that you can always bring back those non-matching tabs by tapping on Cancel.

Step #5. It’s time to tap and hold the Cancel button; this will bring up a menu from the bottom of your device screen. An option reads: Close (Number) Tabs Matching “search word.”

Tap and hold the Cancel button in Safari app

I have searched ‘iPhone,’ and three tabs were matching this search word; therefore, the option reads: Close 3 Tabs Matching “iPhone.”

Tap on that option and tabs with “iPhone” search word will be closed from the list.

Close Multiple Tabs at Once in Safari on iPhone or iPad

This trick is exclusive to iOS devices as it won’t work in macOS.

That’s it!

Signing off…

This feature was brought to the notice by former Apple employee, Maxwell and Dave Mark. By using this trick, you can get rid of the tabs that you want. Instead of swiping each tab one after another, this will help you close the tabs quickly.

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