Quitting Safari on your iPhone or iPad does not close all the tabs (like it usually does on the Mac). When you have a ton of tabs open in Safari, you’ve had to close each of the tabs individually even if you wanted to close all the tabs. Simultaneously? Well, sir, not possible.

Or that’s what we thought till this one little tip came up. Check out how you can close all tabs at once using a simple workaround in Safari no matter what iDevice you use. Just make sure you run iOS 7 or later.

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How to Close All Tabs At Once in Safari on iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

  • Open Safari and then open a lot of tabs.
  • Now, go to the tab view by tapping on the tab icon (bottom right.)

Safari Tabs in iOS 7 on iPhone

  • When you see the tabs, you should also see the Private button. Tap on the Private button.

Private Button in Safari iOS 7

  • A new pop-up dialog shows up. Tap on “Close All.

Close All Tabs At Once in Safari on iOS 7 on iPhone

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  • This will close all tabs. And put Safari into Private mode.
  • Tap on Private mode again to switch back to the normal mode.

As is clear, this is a workaround and not a real solution. It looks like Apple did not think of adding an extra feature to Safari to let you close all open tabs (probably because you don’t want to accidentally tap on it). But when you have a lot of open tabs and you just want to start afresh, this handy tip might be useful.

You should note that once you close all tabs, there is no “undo close tab” option. IOS-wide, there are no options to undo a close-tab so you should be careful when you use this method.

Also, if you happen to do this on an iPad, the Private key is located bottom-left when you open a new tab (press the “+” button on top-right).

If you have upgraded your device to iOS 8, here is how you can kill all tabs at once in Safari.

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