How to Close All Safari Tabs at Once on iPhone or iPad in iOS 13

Too many open tabs in Safari on the iPhone causes a lot of confusion. With iOS 13, you can turn on a setting that automatically closes all tabs after a specific time. In addition to this, you can also manually close all open Safari tabs at once on iPhone that work similarly in iOS 13 as it did on iOS 12. In this quick guide, I have mentioned both these ways. Have a look.

How to Automatically Close All Safari Tabs at Once in iOS 13

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and tap on Safari.
    Open Settings and Tap on Safari in iOS 13
  3. Tap on Close Tabs and choose After One Day, After One Week, or After One Month.Automatically Close All Safari Tabs at Once in iOS 13

Some point in the future, if you wish to stop Safari from automatically closing tabs on your iPhone, follow the above steps, and choose ‘Manually.’

How to Close All Safari Tabs at Once in iOS 13 or iOS 12

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Touch and hold on the tabs icon which is at the bottom right.
  3. Tap on Close All Tabs.
    Close All Safari Tabs at Once

Additional Method:

  1. Tap on the tabs icon, which is at the bottom right.
  2. Now touch and hold the text Done.
  3. Finally, tap on Close All Tabs.
    Close All Tabs in Safari on iPhone or iPad

Note: In step 2 above, you can also tap on the small cross of each Safari tab or swipe the tab from right to left to close it. I am sure you already knew this.


It is natural to open multiple Safari tabs on the iPhone and iPad when we read an interesting article or news piece. Sometimes we open several internal links in new tabs, hoping to get back to them, and then we never do. All these Safari tabs unnecessarily stay active in the background. They may waste battery or other device resources. It is tedious to close tabs one by one. So it is a good idea to close all the unused Safari tabs at once.

I am signing off, hoping you have a happy browser experience!

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