It's kind of universally known that Apple forgot to add a “close all Safari tabs simultaneously” function in iOS. The tale continues in iOS 8 too where you can't close all tabs in Safari at once.

There have been workarounds that let you close all open tabs at once (the private browsing trick) but that goes out the window in iOS 8. So for all users who are on iOS 8.x, how do you close all tabs in Safari? Here's a workaround. This workaround will definitely sound ridiculous but it gets the job done so if closing all tabs is the only point, you would try it.

How to Close All Safari Tabs At Once in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad
1st Method to Close All Tabs at Once in Safari on iOS 8:

Step 1. Open Settings

iOS 8 iPhone Setting

Step 2. Scroll down to Safari and Tap on it

iOS 8 Safari Setting

Step 3. Tap on Clear History

Clear Browsing History in iOS 8 Safari on iPhone

Head back to Safari and the tabs should be gone. As is probably clear, this is more of a workaround rather than a feature. The side-effect of this is that you'll lose all browsing data (history clears almost everything, including browsing history, search history etc.) If that's okay with you, you might want to try this workaround to close all tabs at once in mobile Safari.

Way back In iOS 7, there was another workaround that let you quickly close all tabs at once. This was triggered by the Private browsing mode. When you enabled/disabled private browsing mode, you got an option to keep the tabs open or close them all. For some reason (that's mostly related to usability), Apple decided to remove that additional dialog in iOS 8. In iOS 8, when you enable/disable Private mode, you no longer get an option to kill all tabs.

2nd Method to Kill All Safari Tabs At Once with CloseAll Cydia Tweak:

If you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8, there is a cool Cydia tweak named CloseAll that lets you kill all Safari tabs at once. This tweak is available to download from BigBoss repo for free. (Note: If you have updated your device to iOS 9, here is another Cydia tweak that lets you close all Safari Tabs at once in iOS 9.)

What you need to is:

  • Launch Cydia and search for CloseAll.
  • Once you install this tweak, it will ask you to restart your SpringBoard.
  • Now open Safari and tap on the Tabs button from the bottom right corner.
  • Now tap and hold the X button on any tab.
  • A popup window will ask you “Are you sure you'd like to close all open tabs“.CloseAll Cydia Tweak
  • Tap on Yes button and all the open tabs will be closed in Safari.

Other ways of closing multiple tabs at once (but not all of them) is using multiple fingers and swiping them on the many open tabs. Arguably, this is not a great method to close many tabs at once.

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  • wowzers

    Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> turn off Javascript

  • NewYears1978

    I had some weird pop-up virus like thing on my iPhone that could not be closed, this tip worked to close it. Thanks.

  • If I want to close tabs or just the one last one to reduce the data usage I tap the upper right icon, then tap the upper left X to get a blank white tab. Awkward but simpler than the above.