How to Close All Safari Tabs At Once in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

Though not as upfront as you would like, there are two ways you can close all Safari tabs at one go in iOS 8 on your iPhone and iPad. Head over to find out.

The conspicuous absence of a straightforward way to close all Safari tabs in iOS 8 at once often irks me. It would have been better had there been a way to clear all tabs quickly. However, there are a couple of workarounds through which you can get rid of the existing tabs.

While one way is to clear history and website data, the other way is to enable private browsing mode to close out all the existing tabs. Though these methods are not quite up-front, they just get the job done. Let me demonstrate how it’s done the right way!

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How to Close All Safari Tabs At Once in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

How to Close All Safari Tabs in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Open Settings.

iOS 8 iPhone Setting

Step 2. Scroll down to Safari and Tap on it.

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iOS 8 Safari Setting

Step 3. Tap on Clear History.

Clear Browsing History in iOS 8 Safari on iPhone

As mentioned above, it’s not the perfect way to get rid of tabs since it also removes all the recorded history. Hence, you will have to re-enter the address of the websites which you often visit.

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Enable Private Browsing in Safari on iOS 8

Step #1. Open Safari on your iOS device.

Step #2. Next, touch and hold on the tabs at the bottom right corner.

Step #3. Now, tap on Private at the bottom left corner.

Step #4. Up next, you have two options: Close All or Keep All tabs.

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Tap on Close All in order to get rid of all the opened tabs.

Step #5. Make sure to tap on Done at the bottom right corner to confirm.

To disable incognito browsing mode, open Safari → touch and hold on the tabs button at the bottom right corner → tap on Private → choose either Keep All/Close All → tap on Done to confirm.

Wrap up

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So, these are the ways to clean up tabs. Use them to keep your privacy about what you search intact. If you know any other way to get rid of tabs at one go, let us know that in the comments below.

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