Apple’s latest flagship device iPhone 6s series boasts 2GB of RAM and that is enough for a smooth experience. The problem is that not everyone is using the latest iPhone while the earlier models feature 1GB of RAM. This makes operations lag a bit at times.

Earlier models do work like a charm because of the fantastic resource management by iOS. Even then at times you might experience little slow down in performance. This might be because of RAM, which needs to be cleared out occasionally.

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How to Clear iPhone RAM to Speed Up iPhone

How to Clear RAM and Quickly Speed up Your iPhone/iPad

Instead of restarting your device or swiping each and every single app to force close, there’s a trick that can quickly clear your device’s RAM.

Thanks to Marc Forrest who published a tweet about this trick. The trick is to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see “slide to power off” message.

After you see the message, release Sleep/Wake button and press and hold “Home” button until you see home screen. In a couple of seconds, your iPhone screen will flicker a bit and will return back to home screen.

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By following this trick, you will easily flush out RAM from iOS. All junk processes will be killed automatically without force closing any of your apps.

Of course, this isn’t a rock solid solution to all your iPhone related problems, but it is certainly useful if you are experiencing slow performance.

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