How to Clear RAM and Speed up Your iPhone or iPad Quickly

Notice too much sluggishness on your iPhone or iPad? Flush out the RAM on your iOS device to bring out the smooth performance and enviable speed so that your gaming remains smooth sailing and web browsing continues to be in the fast lane!

Is your iPhone running at a snail’s pace? You can quickly wipe out the mess and make your iOS device run faster and smoother. One of the most reliable ways is to flush the RAM on your iPhone.

Even though iOS is designed to handle the background tasks proficiently, it may not be sufficient enough especially if your device has to deal with powerful games, long movie watching spree, extended web-browsing sessions. In such a case, you may have to reset the memory of your iPhone from time to time so that it continues to run freely.

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How to Flush iPhone X RAM

With no Home button, the process of clearing out RAM on iPhone X is slightly different. Though it’s not as straightforward as it is on other iOS devices, it’s not complex either. Head over here to this tutorial to know how it works:

How to Clear RAM on iPhone 8 Plus or Earlier iPhones

Step #1. Simply press and hold the sleep/wake button.

Step #2. Now, slide to power off screen will appear now, release the side button and press & hold the Home button until you are taken to the Home screen.

That’s done! You have successfully reset the memory of your iOS device.

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By cleaning up the RAM of background processes, system processes, and temporary files, it will restore the normalcy on your device. Now, launch any app or browse the web, you would find the smartphone running a bit smoother.

Over to you

So, that’s how you can never let sluggishness take away the smoothness of your device. Use this tip smartly to continue to have desired performance.

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