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If you're doubtful of someone snooping around your iPhone/iPad's Safari app, you better clear stuff out. While Safari as such doesn't store sensitive data, you might have checked a few tabs somewhere where sensitive logins are stored. Also, clearing the cache and cookies occasionally helps in making Safari load faster.

Whereas there are separate options to clear History and Website Data in Safari in iOS 7, you can clear History and Website Data in Safari in iOS 8 at once. Any way, you want to clean up Safari in iOS 7 on your iPhone or iPad to expedite both its speed and functionality.

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Before you proceed, note that clearing cache, cookies or history might result in loss of data that you want to store in Safari. For instance, if you have saved log-in information via Safari, you might be logged out of the websites when you clear cookies. Also, you won't be able to access data from past browsing sessions when you clear the history.

How to Clear Everything in Safari in iPhone

In this post we are going to take a look at:

How to Delete history, cookies and data in Mobile Safari

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  • On your iPhone/iPad, open Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Safari
  • Scroll down and you'll find two things:
  • Clear History
  • Clear Cookies and DataClear History Cookies from iOS Safari
  • Tap on all these to clear them out. Note that all the saved logins and sessions will be lost when you do this.

This is so simple right? You can do this every once in a while if you login to websites via Safari.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

But what if you don't want websites to track your data, set cookies or store data on your iPhone/iPad? Private Mode comes to the rescue.

How to block cookies in mobile Safari on iPhone/iPad

  • Go to Settings → Safari
  • Scroll down and tap on Block Cookies under PRIVACY & SECURITYBlock Cookies in iOS Safari
  • Select between Always or From third parties and advertisers

Block Cookies Options in iOS Safari
Choosing “Always” option makes sure no cookies are set at all. Choosing “Third parties and advertisers” is a good option to prevent certain advertisers and third party websites from storing cookies on your computer.

How to enable ‘Do Not Track' in iOS 7 Safari on iPhone/iPad

  • Launch Settings from your iPhone or iPad running iOS 7
  • Scroll down to tap on SafariEnable iOS Safari Do Not Track Option
  • Under PRIVACY & SECURITY, switch ON the Do Not Track option
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Enabling this option causes Safari to tell certain websites to not track you online as you surfing the web.

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  • Petermarlary

    I personally used Safewiper iOS Data Eraser application to erase everything from my iPhone 5, it ont only allows me to erase private data and ‘already deleted’ data, but also help me remove the junk files from my device, works perfectly! I highly recommend it!

  • Lacy

    My iPod won’t let me delete my history on the bookmark way or the setting way what can i do to fix that?

  • Lacy

    What if it won’t let you delete it? Because mine won’t!

    • Do you find this option as greyed out in your iOS device? What iOS is running on your device?

  • Sue Donim

    iOS 8.3 has cookies cache and data under oner one button … i just want to clear cache.

    • Unfortunately Apple has changed its approach of clearing history and website data in iOS 8. There is no official solution to this change. We will look for alternative solution. And if we find it, we will update this post.

    • Okay.. Here is the solution: Launch Safari -> Tap on Bookmark icon from bottom navigation -> Select History from your bookmark -> Tap on Clear from bottom right corner

      You can see multiple options like 1. Clear the Last Hour 2. Clear Today 3. Clear Today & Yesterday 4. Clear All History.

      Choose 4th option if you want to clear all the history.