Before the launch of iOS 9, Apple fans were quite excited to lay their hands on News app. However, the app was accessible to users of US and other select countries. And users outside US want to access Apple News, they can do this by changing Language & Region on their iPhones.

Now that you have Apple News on your iPhone and iPad, you must be enjoying the world of latest information & opinions on myriad topics. While exploring your favorite news agencies, you probably might have saved some stories. Normally, users would never delete those saved stories, but they would certainly like to delete news stories stored in History section.

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How to Clear Apple News History on iPhone and iPad

If you have gone through each and every option mentioned at the bottom menu on your News app, you can see a Saved icon at the right corner. Tap on the icon and you will see two sections viz. Saved and History on top. You can delete the news history you have browsed on the app.

How to Clear Apple News History in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch News app on your iPhone.

Access Apple News App on iPhone

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Step #2. Tap on Saved icon from the bottom right corner. If you have browsed number of news stories, you can see an option of Clear History in red fonts just below the two sections of Saved and History → Tap on Clear History.

Tap on Clear History in Apple News App on iPhone

Step #3. A menu will swipe up at the bottom asking you to Clear History. Before you take any action, remember that once you clear the history, you won’t be able to undo this action → Tap on Clear History.

Clear Entire Apple News App History from iPhone

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All news stories will be deleted and the screen will display just two words: No History.

Swipe to Clear Apple News History on iPhone and iPad

Use Long Swipe

If you don’t want to delete all news stories you have in history, you can delete a select few with the Long Swipe action. While you are on that History screen, perform a long swipe from right to left, and the news will be deleted.

Delete Individual News Story in Apple News App with Long Swipe

Use Gentle Swipe

If long swipe is not your cup of tea, you can use a gentle swipe on particular news you want to delete. You can see a delete option in red background; just tap on that rectangular area and the news will be deleted.

Delete Individual News Story in Apple News App with Gentle Swipe

Delete Saved News

Similarly, you can delete news from the Saved section. All you need to do is perform similar action as you have done to clear News history.

Delete Saved News from Apple News App on iPhone

Unlike History, this Saved section doesn’t allow you to delete all the news simultaneously; you have to delete your saved news one by one either using long swipe or gentle swipe.

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