How to Clean the Screen of your iPhone 5/5s, 4S/4, and 3GS

If there’s anything we’re worried about in smartphones and tablets, it’s the display. Well, yes, almost every glossy/shiny surface – like that glass table – warrants this attention and subsequent care.

In the case of smartphones though, you’ll find that taking care of the screen is harder than it actually seems. Rub that iPhone screen on your cloth? You shouldn’t do.

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Sprayed some water on it? You shouldn’t do it either.

How to Clean the iPhone Screen

Trying to think of using some alcohol solution to wipe off and bring back the gloss? No, no, no.

Cleaning an iPhone 5 screen (or the older iPhones) will help you stave off appearance of scratch on the screen and dust pieces along the edges. It would also help you keep the oleophobic coating intact besides making sure the touchscreen response is good enough.

But how do you keep the iPhone 5 screen clean? Or in case of dust, how do you clean it? Here are some tips:

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Tip #1. Use a microfibre soft cloth to clean: always.

Tip #2. Do gentle circular motion on the screen while cleaning the iPhone screen (applies to the back too.)

Tip #3. If you are to use water, spray that on the microfibre cloth and then use it to dust the iPhone screen. Do not ever spray or use water directly on the screen. Not that the screen is hydrophobic but you don’t want to let water into the ports or the speaker accidentally.

Tip #4. If at all you use water, make sure you use the dry part of the cloth to clean the edges, ports and the buttons. Leave no moisture on the iPhone screen.

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Tip #5. Do not use any chemicals or solutions when trying to clean the iPhone screen.

Tip #6. Do not use any other cloth because unlike the microfibre which doesn’t grab onto dust particles, cotton or any other material grabs dust particles. It doesn’t really clean: instead, it might end up causing damage.

There are very basic things. The trick is to clean very often and carefully. This will help you keep your iPhone screen all shiny, dust- and scratch-free.

That’s all, folks!

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