How to Clean Your Apple Credit Card and Keep It Safe

If you want your titanium Apple Card to look as immaculate as its first unwrapping, then here are a few tips and tricks suggested by Apple themselves to keep, carry and clean your Apple Card safely.

There is something about Whites, you can’t live without them, and you just can’t seem to keep them white. While the new Apple Card is mesmerizingly beautiful and elegant in its white avatar, it worries me that keeping it pristine might be a task. However, Apple offers simple ways and suggestions for it.

Now that the titanium Apple Cards have finally started to roll-out in the US, Apple releases some more information about the card, including its upkeep manual. In a guide titled “How to clean your Apple Card,” Apple discloses the technique behind the white finish and shares tips and tricks to maintain it.

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Some Interesting Facts About Your Apple Card

The Apple Card’s titanium build is now a well-known fact. A YouTuber, Alexandre Richardson even posted a video testing the drop sound of Apple Card. Apple further discloses that the card holder’s name and the Apple logo is laser-etched into the titanium Apple Card.

The coveted white finish is added to the titanium base material through a multi-layer coating process. As and when any hard surface or material comes in contact with the Apple Card, there’s a risk of the coating being damaged.

How to Clean Your Dirty Apple Card

When you use your Apple Card for online or in-store purchases, the Apple Card depiction in our Apple Wallet changes various colors according to your spending. However, the physical card will remain stark white until it comes in contact with dirt particles or other contaminants.

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As per Apple, the best way to clean your titanium Apple Card is to use a lint-free microfiber cloth; Here’s how:

Easy Way to Clean Your Titanium Apple Card

Step #1. Slightly dampen a lint-free microfiber cloth.

Step #2.
Wipe the Apple Card softly with the cloth; this will rub off any contaminants on your card.

Step #3.
In case there are some stubborn stains on your card, apply a little isopropyl alcohol to the cloth, and thoroughly clean the Apple Card with very light pressure.

Along with the cleaning instructions, Apple shared a list of what not to use on your Apple Card. The list includes other cleaning mediums such as aerosol sprays, window or household cleaners, solvents, compressed air, ammonia, and abrasives.

How to Protect Your Titanium Apple Card from External Damage?

The instructions to safely carry and store your Apple Card are more or less similar to how we protect our other debit/credit cards.

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  • Use a Cardholder: Keep your titanium Apple Card safe from harm in a wallet or pocket. Check out our list of the best Apple Card wallets.
  • Use the card slot: If you are not using a separate wallet, then either put your Apple Card in a card slot or with a billfold. Do not place it near any other credit card as the cards can scratch each other.
  • Keep away from magnets: Contact with magnets, such as the magnetic latch of your purse, could demagnetize the magnetic strip your Apple Card.
  • Keep away from abrasive objects: Avoid placing your titanium Apple Card in pocket or bag with potentially rough objects in the likes of loose change, keys, or hard phone covers.

That’s it for now.

Signing off

Maintaining the pristineness of your stark white titanium Apple Card isn’t that difficult. The amount of care it demands is quite similar to what we give to our regular credit cards. Looking at the benefits Apple Card has in comparison to other cards, all that work is definitely worth it.

If you are awaiting your Apple Card or are still pondering whether to apply for it or not, here’s our comprehensive beginners guide to help you. Mentioned below are a few more links regarding Apple Card to further aid you with your Apple Card.

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