How to Check Storage Used by Apple Watch Apps?

Apple Watch has shown us the future of technology and why not, it is one of the best smartwatches available in the present market due to its amazing features, especially the apps that hardly occupy MBs of space. Apple Watch apps which are mostly small in size hardly occupy any space in the overall memory.

The watch comes with 8GB flash storage and is more than enough for a normal user to run important apps in Apple Watch. When you run multiple apps, there are chances that the Apple Watch may slow down. To check which app in your watch is consuming more data, you have to keep a track of such apps.

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How to Check Storage Used by Apple Watch Apps

To check which app is using how much of memory, make sure that iPhone is properly paired with your Apple Watch before you start the process. Here is the simple process which you need to follow to check storage used by Apple Watch apps:

Step #1. Pick your iPhone and open the Apple Watch app in it.

Step #2. Then, just tap on “My Watch Tab” and then on “General.”

Step #3. Then tap on “Usage” which is present right at the bottom of the page.

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That’s it! Now just see the storage header to find out how much of 8 GB is used and how much space is remaining in your Apple Watch.

During this process, some of the users observed that there are apps which hardly occupy 2-3MB of data. Even if you find any app consuming more than 100 or 200MB of storage, it is not possible to uninstall the app from Apple Watch.

I hope that you got the information which you were looking for. If you any other problems, you can visit the Apple Watch section to get more how-to guides and accessories of it.

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