How to Check iPhone and iPad Warranty Status Online

Here is a quick guide to check your iPhone warranty status and also the status of your AppleCare coverage. Besides, you can also check service and Support Coverage from this single page.

Apple iPhone warranty support is one of the primary reasons people pay high prices. Besides, the AppleCare is also a top-notch facility in case you run out of 1-year warranty. Whatever your warranty plan is, Apple has a solution that allows you to check iPhone Warranty Status online.

So supposing something has gone wrong with your iPhone. How do you know if Apple will fix it for free or if you’ll need to shell out more? Thankfully, you can easily check the AppleCare Warranty Status from Apple’s service and support coverage page. Let’s start!

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How to Check iPhone Warranty Status Online

Following iOS 12.2 update, you can check the warranty status of your iPhone and iPad from the Settings app. You are not required to open any link to enter the Serial number of your iOS device.

To check AppleCare warranty status on your iPhone and iPad:


Under the Serial Number option, you will find an option of “Limited Warranty” or “AppleCare+”. If you have extended AppleCare+ coverage, you will find AppleCare+ or there can be “Limited Warranty”.

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Tap on either option and your iOS device screen will show you if the device is covered by the standard one-year limited warranty of Apple or it is an extended AppleCare+ warranty status.

Moreover, the information tells you days left until the warranty expires, a tentative date of expiration and other details and links to related support documents on Apple website.

You can also check out your iOS device warranty status online. Let’s follow the below steps to know how it works!

Step #1. First of all, you need to find the serial number of your iOS device.

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Open Settings → Tap on General → Now tap on About → Scroll down to where it says Serial Number.

Find iPhone Serial Number

Step #2. Now go to this web page: → Enter your iOS device serial number into the text field, enter CAPTCHA, and hit the Continue button.

Check Apple Warranty Status from Service and Support Coverage

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Warranty status of your iPhone or iPad will be shown along with the AppleCare plan if you have it already. If the serial is incorrect or lacking other details, you probably won’t be able to see the information.

iPhone Warranty Status

You can apply for AppleCare directly from the results page in case that’s what you’re looking for.

In cases where it’s a hardware glitch, you’ll need to take it to Apple stores for repair. Naturally, since iPhone is a costly affair, the repairs are costly too. If you are on warranty or AppleCare, you can avail a lot of benefits — notably that to not having to shell out as much if your iPhone isn’t covered.

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Apple provides a standard 1-yr warranty to all your purchases. This includes the iPhone. After the first year, you have the option of obtaining AppleCare so that you remain covered for more than one year of Apple’s default warranty cover.

That’s all folks!

Wrapping up

Apple undoubtedly has one of the best warranty support, and that’s one of the reasons people buy its devices even if they are a little expensive. So it is advisable to keep a check of your warranty status once in a while.

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