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Since Apple Watch is considered an extension of iPhone, you can keep an eye on your iPhone from your Watch and check almost everything what is happening on your phone. Inspired by this fact, you must be wondering that it is quite easy to check your iPhone’s battery life from Apple Watch. But guys, here you need third-party apps.

Thanks to Kelly Pangburn, who has developed Battery Watcher app to check iPhone's battery life from Apple Watch. It is a simple app with which you can see battery percentage on your iPhone from your Watch.

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How to Check iPhone Battery Life from Apple Watch

How to Check your iPhone's Battery Life from Apple Watch

Battery Watcher Apple Watch and iPhone App IconSo before you can actually check your iPhone's battery status, you need to download Battery Watcher app on your Apple Watch. There are other apps to check your iPhone’s battery life, but this Battery Watcher is free, simple and is not loaded with unnecessary features.

Step #1. Download Battery Watcher.

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Step #2. After downloading, the Apple Watch app should automatically install if you have auto-installation enabled. Otherwise, you need to manually install this app on your Apple Watch. To enable Battery Watcher, tap on the Apple Watch on your iPhone, and open the options for Battery Watcher. Toggle “Show App on Apple Watch” on. If you want to gain quick access to this app, you can also toggle “Show in Glances” on.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Step #3. Set up Battery Watcher

Open the Battery Watcher on your iPhone and go to the Settings. Here, you can enable useful battery information like Standby, Internet and Talk time.

Step #4. Your iPhone’s Battery Status

Now go to your Watch and open Battery Watcher app to check the battery percentage and other details. You can also swipe up on the Watch face to see Battery Watcher app. However, Glance view will not show any extra information you have toggled on.


MacID Apple Watch and iPhone App IconMacID is another third-party app to check your iPhone’s battery status from Apple Watch. MacID is otherwise known for its features like connection with multiple Macs at once, unlocking Mac using Touch ID & device passcode, controlling Mac's audio and more.

To enable MacID on your Watch, follow the above steps if you have not enabled auto-installation. Also ensure that the Glance for MacID is turned on so that you can check the battery level of iPhone with a single swipe up on the face of Apple Watch.

MacID also gives you information like whether your iPhone is connected to your mobile internet; if it is connected with any Wi-Fi network, it will display the name of the network.

Price: $3.99
Download MacID

Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor Watch and iPhone App IconBattery Monitor is developed by Tom Etminan. The app saves time and keeps a tab on your iPhone battery while your phone is on charging mode in another room or out of your sight. Its battery level ring indicator matches the Apple Watch user interface smoothly.

After downloading this app, enable Glance so that you don’t have to tap on the app to check battery status of your iPhone. Check battery status by swiping up from the bottom of your Apple Watch.

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Price: Free
Download Battery Monitor

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  • Manu

    This feature should have been built into IOS. Further to this I feel it’s essential that Apple focuses on these features,

    1. Why do you have a seperate Apple Watch App to use Apple watch App? It should be integrated into one of the quick views you bring up with gestures.

    2. The iphone should show more information about the Apple Watch in this view: chronological BPM and activity measurements (graphical)

    3. Battery and usage of the watch graphical. May be ETA to next charge for both devices on either.