While buying a used iPhone, there are certain things you need to know. Case in point, you should check if the iPhone is new, refurbished, replacement or personalized by engraving just to ensure you know all the important things about the device you are going to buy.

So, how do you find such crucial information? Well, iOS features a device model identifier trick that lets you discover the info above about an iPhone.

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How to Find if iPhone is New, Refurbished, Replacement or Personalized

How to Find Out if iPhone is New, Refurbished, Replacement or Personalized

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device.

Open Settings App on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Now, tap on General.

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Tap on General in iPhone Settings

Step #3. Tap on About.

Tap About in iPhone Settings

Step #4. Check out Model and then read the model identifier.

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It looks pretty much like MN572LL/A, and the first character helps you figure out whether the iOS device is personalized, refurbished, replacement or new.

Check if iPhone is New, Refurbished, Replacement or Personalized

  • M: It refers to the brand new device.
  • F: It means the refurbished device, which been through refurbishing process.
  • N: It means replacement device.
  • P: It refers to the personalized device with engraving. That means the iPhone was customized with an engraving on the purchase.

That’s it!

From now onwards, use this trick to get to know these important things about an iPhone.

Wrap up:

There may be some other identifier prefixes for iOS devices. If you know them, do let us.
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